first_imgGoogle and Motorola merged together a little while ago, and out popped the Moto X. Among the laundry list of cool things this Android phone is capable of, users will be able to go and customize their own Moto X through a service called Moto Maker. We took a stroll through the online service to give you an idea of what you can expect when you order your very own Moto X.The Moto X casing seems a little strange at first, with its high gloss front and matte rear. The noticeable seam in the middle of the phone struck us as awkward, especially with the all white version we used for the review of the Moto X. If you could build your own Moto X though, the glossy front and matte back could be customized, making for an end product you find much more desirable. Maybe you’d prefer a black front panel and, one day, a wood back. Or how about a black front with turquoise? This way the seam is part of the design, not two mismatched shades of white.Moto Maker allows you to create a completely custom Moto X by giving the user (an AT&T customer) control over the colors of the phone with matching accessories and an inscription on the back.What’s it like to build your own Moto X? In the video below, Sal Cangeloso and I went through the entire Moto Maker process…Moto Maker is user friendly and was smooth on each of the browsers we tried it on. The website walks you through customizing your Moto X, starting with the color of the back of the phone, the choice between black and white glass on the front, and then the accent color. You can make your Moto X with a bright blue back with a metallic green power button, volume rocker, and camera trim if that’s what floats your boat.Once you pick out the colors of the exterior, you have a little bit of control over the inside as well. Choosing between 16GB and 32GB leads right into creating a custom boot message that shows up every time you restart the phone and the ability to load your Google account on the phone before it hits your doorstep. You can also create a custom message on the back of the phone, as long as you don’t try to swear or use brand names like Android or Motorola.Our custom Moto X will be arriving in a few days, and we’ll be giving a full report on how the custom casing compares to the flat white version that will be available in stores. Motorola plans to launch Moto Maker to the world alongside the AT&T launch of the phone in a couple of weeks, with updated designs and patterns expected to be added over time. There is no set date just yet, so keep an eye out for news.last_img read more