first_imgIn Madrid, therefore, one is awaiting events. It has already become aware that we are in the worst case scenario. Not even a return to work is considered. The season is considered lost and it is estimated that, in a week, the Government will have taken action on the matter. The financial buffer of the entity, which has 156 million in treasury (in cash, ready to face any contingency) and a net profit accumulated in the last decade of 350 million euros, puts it safe in this first sunami … but there is concern because it is The horizon over when football can be played is becoming increasingly black.However, in the short term there is calm. The ECA recommends an Efficiency Ratio (percentage of the entity’s total salaries with respect to operating income) of 70%. According to the latest accounts approved in Madrid (those of 2018-19) that ratio is 52%, a spectacular figure. The total wage bill is 394 million and the operating income is 757 million. Of those 394 million total salary mass, 283 correspond to the salaries of the coaching staff and players of the first template. The days go by and the The news that is coming about the impact that the coronavirus crisis will have on football finances are increasingly worrying. At Real Madrid, however, they don’t change the script. They are certain that the entity’s accounts are robust enough to withstand the first wave of the coronavirus, which is having devastating effects on some clubs andNo form of ERTE or negotiation of lower wages. But, after the last meeting of LaLiga with the clubs, the possibility is already assumed that football is in the worst case scenario, that it will not be played again in a few months (and that this championship will be unfinished) and that there will be to take advantage of the decisions that are made, in a group way (it is even aimed at the Government), to avoid a bankruptcy of the system to make up for the lack of those more than 500 million euros that remain to be collected from television contracts.In Madrid, therefore, Neither a negotiation with the captains for a drop in salary nor the possibility of doing an ERTE is being considered today. But it will join any consensual and group decision that is adopted from LaLiga in its negotiation with AFE or, even, it is not ruled out that the Government takes action on the matter and arbitrates by means of a Decree Law to set out how things should be done to ensure the survival of an industry, that of professional sports, from which many families live in the country.last_img read more