first_img The cat cafe is a Japanese phenomenon we could use more of Imagine relaxing in a coffee shop while adorable kitties lavish you with love and affection. Even though they seem like something that could easily be a fad, these businesses are booming.Now you can visit specialty cat cafes. Want a luxurious interior design? How about getting drunk with cats at the cat bar? Maybe you want to try your luck by surrounding yourself with just black cats. This is all possible in Japan. Even more excellent are the cat cafes populated with rescue cats that can be adopted by customers.However, all businesses must evolve to compete, and the Gifu cat cafe Sanctuary is taking their business to the next level. With their latest cafe, customers can ride the rails with their feline friends in Japan’s first train-based cat cafe.Sanctuary is partnering with Yoro Railway which runs trains between Gifu and Mie Prefectures. You can catch the Cat Cafe train between Ogaki and Ikeno stations in Gifu. They’ll be populated with cats that were originally to be put down before Sanctuary stepped in, and if they warm up to a particular furry critter, they can choose to start the adoption process.Unfortunately, the Cat Cafe Train is a one-day only event. It will depart Yoro Station at 10:30 a.m. September 10, and will arrive at Ikeno Station at 1 p.m. Passengers will get a bento box and a ticket for unlimited travel on Yoro Railway for the day. The ticket price of ¥3,000 will go towards funding Sanctuary’s rescue effort.Unfortunately, the Cat Cafe Train has been sold out already. In fact, it took less than a day for the 80 available seats to be booked. However, since this is obviously a popular initiative, keep an eye out, the Cat Cafe Train will likely be back soon.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Firefighters Respond to Fire Alarm at Shelter, Discover Cat Triggered ItCat Gets Stuck in Washing Machine for 35-Minute Cycle last_img read more