first_imgPresident David Granger has urged the Linden community to create economic avenues through small and medium-size enterprises, as he shared his conviction that household cottage industries will form a solid basis for Guyana’s future economy.President David GrangerHe was at the time addressing stakeholders and members of the religious body from Linden and other parts of Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) at a Prayer-Breakfast ceremony recently hosted at the Watooka Complex in Mackenzie.“Linden, I suppose, knows better than some other parts of Guyana the perils of unemployment,” the President noted in his address.He also pointed to the situation with sugar workers who have been retrenched, noting that Government has had to make some hard decisions where the industry is concerned. Government, between 2016 and 2018, dismissed thousands of sugar workers in Berbice, East Coast of Demerara and West Bank of Demerara.The Head of State assured that Government is paving the way for newer opportunities. “But the point I am making is that new opportunities for employment are being created right here in Guyana, and we will work with organisations such as LEN (Linden Enterprise Network) …to give young people particularly some start-up,” he said.Pointing to cottage industries, Granger said this will be the future for Guyana. “Young women, young men, households are producing commodities to put on the market, and it is my conviction that this type of household cottage industry will form the basis for an economy and maximum participation. Small and medium-size businesses will be the enterprises of the future. There’s employment for all,” he assured.OilZeroing in on Guyana’s oil potential, the President said that while this industry will be a means for employment, it will not provide employment for all, owing to its technical nature.“Let me not give you any exaggerated hopes. The oil industry is not going to employ a lot of you. It’s a highly technical industry, and will employ a few highly qualified persons. But there will be spin-offs for people providing services. But the population shouldn’t expect that there is going to be a big recruiting office and everybody’s going to be dashing offshore for some oil. That wouldn’t happen…So we have to make up our minds to seek enterprises right here in Guyana, enterprises will create greater employment for our people,” President Granger said.In the case of Region 10, he pointed out that there is potential for enterprises such as agro-processing, particularly in the Upper Demerara region. He therefore urged the community to see how best the resources of the region can be utilised with its extensive agricultural lands. He also added that Region 10 is an important commercial and communication hub.The President also spoke on the importance of education, as he highlighted aspects of the “good life”. Additionally, he shared his religious beliefs, noting that his journey as President over the last few years has led him to a deeper and greater realisation of the power of faith.Further, he shared his belief in equality, stressing that all citizens are entitled to equal access to the good things in society, including education and health.last_img read more