first_imgMojo after their amazing performance at Limerick Indie Week.They came, they played and they blew Limerick away!We all know what Donegal rockers Mojo GoGo are capable of.But now so too do the southern half of Ireland after the band won the Limerick Independent Music Committee’s Top Indie Band award which was arranged as part of Limerick’s City of Culture celebrations. The lads put in some amazing performances and quite rightly came out on top.And their prize?As well as building up a new legion of fans, the guys will be heading to Canada.They will be a headliner of 250 bands at INDIE WEEK CANADA between October 15-19, 2014. This is a terrific achievement for the lads – Niki Pollock from Dungloe, Paul Rodgers from Burtonport, Jordan Carty from Donegal Town and Keelin Gallagher from Killybegs.In the meantime the lads are off to Germany this week, headlining at a festival.Tickets will be on sale in May for AranMojo, this is the 3rd year for this festival which is held on Arranmore Island 16th & 17th of August, with an amazing lineup of bands again this year. MOJO GOGO GOING TO CANADA AFTER WINNING INDIE BAND COMPETITION was last modified: April 28th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:CanadadonegalLImerick Indie WeekMOJO GOGOlast_img read more

first_imgIn 72 hours College of the Redwoods men’s basketball has matched its win total from the previous two seasons, combined.Thomas Nelson hit four 3-pointers in the first-quarter and finished with five and 36 points, leading Redwoods to a 75-66 win over Monterey Peninsula College Saturday morning on the final day of the San Jose Tipoff tournament in San Jose.Nelson scored 23 of his 36 points in the first-half, 18 of them coming in the first-quarter.“We knew as soon as he woke up that (Nelson) was …last_img read more

first_img(Visited 31 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Darwinists should support bullying, but not rely on sexual selection.Bully pulpit for survivalShould Darwinists promote bullying?  An article from the AAAS news site Science Now, “Better Health through Bullying,” says that bullies grow up to be stronger, while their victims grow up sicker.Bullying casts a long shadow. Children who are bullied are more prone to depression and suicidal tendencies even when they grow up; they’re also more likely to get sick and have headaches and stomach troubles, researchers have discovered. A new study may have found the underlying cause: A specific indicator of illness, called C-reactive protein (CRP), is higher than normal in bullying victims, even when they get older. In contrast, the bullies, by the same gauge, seem to be healthier.Clearly, the AAAS cannot go on record as supporting bullying, so the article goes on to say that bullies “should find better ways to enhance their status” without wreaking havoc on others.  But why should they?  Isn’t a healthy bully more likely to pass on its genes?  Isn’t that what drives evolution?  Bullies may not even be able to control themselves, because the article implies that bullying and victimization are related to chemicals and epigenetic factors.The article tried to dismiss conclusions that bullying improves Darwinian fitness:Despite the implied health benefits [i.e., fitness] of bullying, [William] Copeland [of Duke University] doesn’t advocate picking on people to better your health. The advantage probably doesn’t lie in the aggression itself, but rather in the heightened control, power, and social status that bullies enjoy, he believes.Surely this is quibbling over terms.  If fitness is related to control, power, and social status, Darwinism couldn’t care less how the fit person attains those things.   The goal is survival of the fittest, not survival of the nicest.  Moreover, the article says that bullies attain their greatest fitness at the age of reproduction, right when their victims are suffering the most.  On what moral grounds can Copeland say anyone “should” achieve power in “better ways” than bullying?  He’s trying to moralize away something that should be a prime example of natural selection at work.Sexual selection vs. the origin of speciesSexual selection theory is under scrutiny again, this time from a North Carolina biologist and her mathematician friend from Vienna.  Publishing in an open-access paper in PNAS entitled, “The counterintuitive role of sexual selection in species maintenance and speciation,” Maria R. Servedio announces her amazement at a counterintuitive finding: sexual selection does not lead to speciation—it erases it!Sexual selection is generally considered to be an important force in the maintenance of species differentiation. Using population genetic models, we show that when isolated in its purest form of Fisherian sexual selection, sexual selection inhibits rather than assists species maintenance and speciation when isolated populations begin to exchange migrants. The stronger this type of sexual selection becomes, the more it erases any effects of local adaptation that drive trait divergence. Furthermore, if the strength of Fisherian sexual selection itself is allowed to evolve, sexual selection is lost. These results emphasize that additional complications have to be added to sexual selection scenarios for sexual selection to contribute to divergence; Fisherian sexual selection alone has the opposite effect.Fisherian sexual selection, “probably the most celebrated argument in evolutionary biology” according to A. W. F. Edwards, refers to the normal form Darwin talked about in his second book, The Descent of Man, that was later elaborated on mathematically in 1930 by Ronald Fisher or perhaps others (see Wikipedia).  It’s the “intuitive” kind that Darwinists subscribe to, Servedio says:By “Fisherian sexual selection” we are referring to sexual selection in what can be considered its most basic form, in which a genetically encoded female preference imposes differential mating success with regard to a male trait. This nonrandom mating generates linkage disequilibrium, so that evolution by sexual selection on the male trait leads to concomitant evolution of the preference itself (ref. 12, pp. 136–137). To isolate the role of Fisherian sexual selection in species maintenance we primarily consider selectively neutral female preferences. Neutrality of preferences follows the classic scenario considered in early and influential sexual selection models (4, 12, 13) and is viewed as a null model for sexual selection in its simplest form (14). In particular, this is the form of sexual selection used in the model by Lande (4) that arguably first popularized the idea of sexual selection promoting speciation and is still widely cited for this today.Too bad it doesn’t work after all that reliance on it.  The falsification could hardly be more harsh, according to Servedio: it does the opposite of what was expected!Speculation on the role of sexual selection in driving speciation and species maintenance traces back to the beginning of the explosion in sexual selection research seen in the past few decades (e.g., refs. 3, 4, 22, and 28). The more that this putative relationship is explored, however, the more tenuous it appears to be (e.g., refs. 10 and 11). Here we show that when sexual selection is isolated in a pure Fisherian form, it inhibits species maintenance in one of the situations in which its role seemed clearest, when the trait under sexual selection is also locally adapted.  Furthermore, sexual selection is lost in this Fisherian system if preference strengths themselves are allowed to evolve.It only seems fair to let preference strengths evolve, if this is an evolving world. If you let it happen in the classical models, though, sexual selection vanishes away.What are we to make of this overturn of a fundamental tenet Darwin himself promoted?  What explains the peacock’s tail?  In her Discussion section, Servedio admits she doesn’t know.  Scientists are going to have to look for more complicated selection scenarios.  She offers some alternative views, including one in which gender traits diverge apart from any selection pressure at all.  Whatever is going on, she claims that her findings are not alone:   “The finding of an inhibitory role for Fisherian sexual selection on species maintenance in our situation of geographically isolated populations exchanging migrants, although counterintuitive, falls in line with a growing body of literature that casts doubt upon the common perception of a positive contribution of sexual selection to speciation.”Description vs. explanationWhat is the point of spotting sex differences if science cannot explain them?  That’s not our question; it was asked on The Conversation by Saray Ayala-Lopez (MIT) and Nadya Vasilyeva (Brandeis University).  Their point is that it accomplishes little to just catalog differences between the sexes if no explanation for them is available.  One of the leading explanations, according to Servedio and her colleague Reinhard Burger – sexual selection – is so counterintuitive, it destroys itself.These are not just humdrum conundrums.  They reveal that Darwinian theory is not only wrong; it’s harmful.  It doesn’t work, and it promotes bullying.  Can we kick this dead speculation out the door now?  Do you hear us, NCSE?  Can we cite these papers at the next school board meeting?  Can we let people know that Darwin’s quaint Victorian myth is bad for society?  Since when are falsehoods and incitements to violence things we should promote in school?  You don’t want the teachers rooting for the bullies now, do you?  How about a little biomimetics in the curriculum instead?last_img read more

first_img Posted on May 1, 2019Author Nathalie DuboisCategories Ponytail HoldersTags Popband Effective and pleasant to wear Perfect For My Little Princesses! Wide choice of colours which i really like/ i like to wear matching colour clothes i have on. I have used them before so i knew i liked them. Will continue to use frequently. Not the best bobbles if you like a firm tight hold of the ponytail they are very loose bobbles. As someone with very long (and very fine) hair i’m always looking for better hairbands. I stopped using bands with metal on them years ago because they’re so damaging to your hair and tend to leave you with millions of split ends but i have problems with other bands i’ve tried since then because i have to wind them around my hair so many times to get them tight enough to stay in place. I have to admit i was nervous when i saw these bands, they’re large enough to wear comfortably on your wrist as a bracelet / friendship band so i thought i’d have a similar problem and end up struggling to get these to hold my fine hair in place but i was actually really impressed. I only had to wind them round 3 times and i have a perfectly secure ponytail that stays put all day.(i have to wind bands that are half the size of these 4 or 5 times usually to get them to stay in place). I can’t say i agree with their claim to leave hair kink free at the end of the day but they certainly don’t leave hair looking any worse than any other hairband i’ve tried and since i have to tie them less tightly they definitely do less damage to my hair. They also look pretty and i love the range of colours you can collect so you’ll have something to match every outfitthis particular pack contains 5 bands1 glittery silver1 very pale grey that’s almost a non-shiny silver3 pretty pastel pink bands with silver starsi’ll definitely be buying more of these bands in the future. I think these are pretty ponytail holders but they dont work as well as my usual holders in my fine long hair (longer than waist length). I usually use a large soft ponytail holder and this holds my hair together at the back of my hair, with the pony tail sitting out at a 90 degree angle from my head before hanging down my back. The problem i have with these is that although they hold the ponytail up in the middle of the back of my head the ponytail sags after a short while so it hangs straight down rather than sticks out horizontally then hangs down. My hair doesnt look as nice just hanging straight down. So far they have been easy to remove from my hair (as easy as any other ponytail bands anyway). They dont sit comfortably on my wrist either, they irritate me. Its also quite a lot of money to pay for what is basically a bit of thin bra strap elastic with a knot in it. I’ll stick with my regular holders i think. Brought for my 3 year old who has very fine hair prone to breaking with tight elastic ones. Found these great held all hair up tightly and didn’t leave a kin after all day wear. May have also stole 2 for myself as they were really good. My daughter loves them and says they are much more comfortable to wear than normal hair bands. These are so great for my twin granddaughters’ fine,soft hair. They hold the hair really well and never get snagged or tangled up. They are very pretty;two are sparkly silver and three are pink with silver stars,perfect for my little princesseswhen they are not in their hair,the girls can carry them on their wrists;they make lovely bracelets,toohighly recommended. These dont rip my hair out after having them in all day so comfortable and really nice product. I’m delighted that i received these for review through the vine programme because i don’t think i’d have bought popbands without being able to test them as i would have assumed they wouldn’t be strong enough for my reasonably thick hair. In fact they hold my hair very securely and they don’t snag your hair or feel uncomfortable. I ordered for review both the pink candy set of 5 and the tie dye set of 5. They are elastic and about a centimetre wide with a knot at the end which means it is not a continuous loop unless all other elastic hair bands as far as i am aware. The elastic is high density woven into the fabric; there are no obvious elastic strips and it all feels very uniformly stretchy. I tried wearing these in a pony tail and then pig tails as i wanted to check how they stayed and the no kink promise so the pig tails were a later choice. I found there was some kinking of my hair but it was as a result of its being left in overnight. More importantly i found that the removal was easy and i lost no hairs unlike when i take out my usual elastic hair bands. I tried wearing one on my wrist but it looked stupid with the knoted ends sticking out and i also found these ends annoying when in use as i had to move the band around so they were hidden each time i used them. If the manfacturer could find their way to sew the ends together so a continuous loop i would give these 5 stars. These are great for just throwing your hair up and they really actually don’t leave a dent when you take them off. Recipient was very happy with them. Firstly they come in a range of pretty designs which means you are pretty much guaranteed to find one that will match your outfit and / or personal tastes. The description also says that they don’t damage hair; now i am going to have to take them at their word on that one as it’s difficult to prove conclusively, but they certainly feel more gentle than the more usual hair-tie. They also look less likely to snap than the usual hair ties. Another benefit, although probably only for the younger market, is that they are also designed to be worn as a bracelet meaning that you will always have a hair-tie with you, and, unlike others on the market, they don’t cut off your blood supply while wrapped around your wrist. They hold hair well too – i have long thick hair which needs a fair bit of support and these work very well indeed. The only thing counting against them and the reason why i deducted a star is the price – £8 (at time of writing review) is a little too much for 5 of these. I was asked if i’d like to review popbands candy multi pack, so i said yes. You see i have long, blond and extremely fine hair and i wanted to put the popbands to the test. These are a new style of hair bobble. When they arrive they are in a clear plastic case. The bobbles are on a white card so they show up well and look very eye catching. Also on the card you are given a little bit of information about them. You can also wear these on your wrist like a friendship band. This pack of hair bobbles include one of each of the following colour: – pink with silver star print – silver glitter – pink with silver star print – grey glitter – pink with silver star print. In all you get a total of five. Ok, onto the bobble, (or popband as the company calls them). Ordered not for personal use on behalf of another family member, it was unclear at the point of ordering just how ‘popband ponytail holders, tie dye’ could function. The intended user was no better informed until she handled them when all became clear. Had the description included ‘elasticated fabric’ or similar, the issue would not then exist. They are to be used identically to elastic bands but are softer to the touch and much kinder to the hair. They are smaller than was anticipated but of more than adequate length and made from tie-dyed fabric, this set in muted and neutral colours so less likely to clash with brightly-coloured clothing. For contrast, there are other sets offered in various brighter colours, some almost fluorescent but mostly mixed. The person for whom these are intended has been using elasticated hair bands of various types for years but they either break where the ends are stitched or are held by a clasp, or they stretch and eventually break. These are knotted to join the ends, broader, inherently stronger and appear not to tangle with the hair. They should also be longer-lasting and less subject to breakages. It is also suggested that they could also be used as bracelets as they are sufficiently slack, unlikely to affect circulation or cause nerve damage unless doubled-up; placement of the knot other than over the soft, inner wrist would also help although it is probably the brighter, flashier colours that would be most suitable. Great but not the best hair bands. SummaryReviewer Nathalie DuboisReview Date2019-05-01 03:25:58Reviewed Item Popband Printed Ponytail Holder Hair Bands/Ties – Animal, 5 PackRating 3.3 / 5  stars, based on  263  reviews A little expensive for what they are but they work well. This mini-collection of popbands is probably those most would want to wear in the working place be it an office, retail situation or possibly a lab or medical situation and probably the best suited other than those that may tone in with your hair colour – blondes, browns and blacks are among the plainer-coloured sets available. ‘popband ponytail holders, working girl’ comprise patterned fabrics in tweedy and other duo-tone styles with some plain styles included. The fabric is elasticated and very stretchy and sufficiently wide and soft not to tangle into the hair or pull it out when removed; they are far kinder than either plain elstic bands or the fabric-covered bands that break all too easily and too quickly. These are knotted and therefore inherently stronger. All the sets comprise five bands and there are many, including some far brighter, poppier colours that may be better suited to lesiure-time activities. The plainer and mostly darker sets may be more appropriate to workplace, school and college, anywhere that is likely to take a conservative view on dress codes. Fairly priced and well-suited to their role. Very nice, hold the hair perfectly and gently. Doesn’t pull my hair when using. Have used before so knew would ‘do’ the job. Don’t mark your hair and come in such a variety of colours. Reviews from purchasers :Popband Candy Ponytail Holderslast_img read more

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The American Farm Bureau Federation and Ohio Farm Bureau today presented Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) with AFBF’s Golden Plow award. The Golden Plow is the highest honor the organization gives to sitting members of Congress.“Senator Portman is a champion for farmers, particularly on regulatory reform,” said AFBF President Zippy Duvall. As lead sponsor of the Regulatory Accountability Act, he “is working to bring common sense to the federal rule-making process,” Duvall noted. “Farm Bureau is grateful for his dedicated service to agriculture and rural America.”Ohio Farm Bureau endorsed Portman for the award because of his commitment in Congress to issues important to farmers and ranchers. Ohio Farm Bureau appreciates that the senator’s priorities align with those of its members. “Senator Portman has always been an advocate for Ohio’s farmers,” said Frank Burkett III, president, Ohio Farm Bureau. “His leadership on issues such as regulatory reform is appreciated and valued. When Farm Bureau members need to talk, Senator Portman is always ready to listen.”   Portman currently serves on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Finance Committee, Foreign Relations Committee, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and Joint Economic Committee. Portman’s work in the Senate includes strong advocacy for tax reform and leadership in eliminating the UBIT provision from the Senate tax reform bill. He also knows how important export markets are to the farm economy, especially now, as a surplus of commodities continues to put pressure on the prices farmers receive. Portman is a former U.S. Trade Representative under President George H.W. Bush. He served in the U.S. House from 1993 to 2005. AFBF’s Golden Plow award recognizes members of Congress who exemplify agricultural leadership and support of Farm Bureau policies. Recipients are chosen for having a philosophy or record that demonstrates a commitment to sound agricultural policies supported by Farm Bureau, the private enterprise system, fiscal conservatism and reduced federal regulation of businesses and individuals.last_img read more

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#ReadWrite Mix Despite our passionate and undying love of all things Internet, lately a few of us here at ReadWrite have been thinking we should pay a little more attention to the time we spend offline, in what used to be known as the real world. That’s why we’ve created our ReadWrite Pause Series, exploring ways to balance our online and offline lives. It’s also why we are launching a new series of events, called ReadWrite Mix, which will take place in the real world, with real people talking to other real people, drinking real drinks and making (we hope) real connections.These will take place at ReadWrite’s real world headquarters in the hipster-filled SoMa neighborhood in San Francisco. It’s a chance to meet some of the crew from Say Media and ReadWrite, including managing editor Fredric Paul and ace reporter Jon Mitchell.Starting Next Thursday!The first ReadWrite Mix will be next week, on Thursday, Nov. 15, from 6-8 p.m. You need to RSVP (go here to sign up) and please note that space is very limited, so please sign up as soon as possible.To kick off the series, we’re doing a “media predicts” panel with Kara Swisher of AllThingsD, Owen Thomas of Business Insider, and Aaron Ricadela of Bloomberg Businessweek.We’ll be talking about what 2013 might look like for Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Square, Microsoft and others. The main thing is that we’re all pretty opinionated and though we don’t always agree on things we’re actually pretty good friends – so it’s a chance to have some fun. I’ll be moderating and putting people back into neutral corners or giving them time-outs when they misbehave.A Monthly EventWe’re hoping to make this a monthly event where we will host interesting guests – CEOs, investors, authors – and gather a crowd of hacks, flacks, nerds, geeks, techies, pundits and schmoozers for an evening of thought-provoking fun. Sometimes we’ll do a panel, but other times we’ll do a one-on-one fireside chat. (We have an amazing guest lined up for December, but I’m sworn to secrecy on it for now.)We love chronicling the incredible ways in which technology is transforming the world, but it occurs to us that in the madness of chasing down the news every day it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. We think there’s value to be gained in stepping back, slowing down and taking a few minutes to pause and reflect. It’s great to make friends on Facebook or gain followers on Twitter, but nothing beats making connections in real life.In the new ReadWrite we’re all about trying to engage with our readers and build a community. Ultimately what we want to create is not so much a publication as a conversation, one where everyone has a voice. ReadWrite Mix is just another part of that effort.SoMa (for South of Market street), the neighborhood where we’re working, is home to dozens of companies that are transforming the Internet and changing our lives. It’s an incredibly concentrated cluster of innovative brains. We want to create a place where all those creative people can gather once a month to talk and argue and brainstorm. In our wildest dreams, if we’re really lucky, ReadWrite Mix could become a place where new ideas are born.So please: come join us. Become part of this. We’ll provide the space, and the drinks, and we’ll get the conversation started. The rest is up to you. In case you missed it up above, you can sign up here.  A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img dan lyons Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts last_img read more