first_img Ukrainian media group harassed by broadcasting authority to go further September 7, 2020 Find out more RSF_en February 26, 2021 Find out more News The editor of an online newspaper, Oleg Eltsov, was victim of a second attack in less than six months on 12 January when one or two aggressors fired rubber bullets at him close to his home in Kiev before fleeing in a car.Eltsov, editor-in-chief of Ukraïna Kryminalna, was hit in the leg and body but was not seriously injured.”The number of assaults against journalists continues to rise alarmingly. We urge you to personally ensure that everything is done to find and punish those responsible,” said Reporters Without Borders and the Ukrainian press freedom organisation, the Institute of Mass Media, in a letter to interior minister, Mykola Bilokin.Eltsov was previously attacked on 24 July 2003 as he left his home. A police investigation produced no results but Eltsov believed the attack was linked to information on the Gongadze case which he received from a former police criminal investigator, Igor Gontcharov. The officer was arrested in June 2002 for his suspected role in several murders and he died in prison in dubious circumstances on 1 August 2003. A key witness in the Gongadze case, Gontcharov had accused police and ranking interior ministry officials of being responsible for the murder of Géorgiy Gongadze, political journalist and editor in chief of the online newspaper, who disappeared in 2000 and was later found dead.Under Eltsov’s editorship Ukraïna Kryminalna, frequently posts exposés about corruption, implicating top officials and politicians. UkraineEurope – Central Asia Organisation News Reporters Without Borders and the Institute of Mass Media condemn the latest attack on Oleg Eltsov, editor-in-chief of online newspaper Ukraïna Kryminalna, which posts frequent exposés about corruption implicating ranking officials and politicians. Receive email alerts Crimean journalist “confesses” to spying for Ukraine on Russian TV January 14, 2004 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Online journalist attacked for the second time in less than six months March 26, 2021 Find out more UkraineEurope – Central Asia Help by sharing this information News Follow the news on Ukraine Ukraine escalates “information war” by banning three pro-Kremlin media Newslast_img read more

first_img China: Political commentator sentenced to eight months in prison The editor of the Tianwang human rights website (, Huang was arrested on 10 June 2008 for highlighting the plight of earthquake victims. The three-year sentence was imposed on 23 November 2009 on a charge of “illegal possession of state secrets.” June 2, 2021 Find out more Receive email alerts More information about Huang Qi: “Bloggers and human rights defenders who dared to contradict official reports about the victims of the May 2008 earthquake in Sichuan are being treated like criminals,” Reporters Without Borders said. “We deplore the severe jail sentences that have been passed without due process and we appeal to the supreme court and justice ministry to review these two cases and to investigate the use of violence against the Hong Kong journalists who wanted to cover Tan’s hearing.” March 12, 2021 Find out more China’s Cyber ​​Censorship Figures Help by sharing this information April 27, 2021 Find out more Organisation Reporters Without Borders condemns the long jail sentences that judges in Chengdu (in the southwestern province of Sichuan) have imposed on two human rights activists and netizens in the past 48 hours. A three-year sentence was upheld for Huang Qi yesterday while Tan Zuoren was given a five-year sentence at a hearing today during which police arrested and manhandled nine Hong Kong journalists. A Beijing appeal court is due to issue a ruling on Liu Xiaobo’s case on 11 February. Reporters Without Borders urges the judges to demonstrate their independence by treating this leading intellectual and human rights activist humanely. Liu was given an 11-year jail sentence on 25 December on a charge of “inciting subversion of state authority.” In practice, all he did was display a commitment to free expression. See the French text of a joint appeal by Reporters Without Borders and other organisation to the Beijing court to quash Liu’s conviction: Tan, who was tried last August, seemed to be in good shape when he appeared in court today to hear the court’s verdict and sentence. According to one of his lawyers, he thanked those who have supported him, reaffirmed his innocence and described the proceedings as “illegal.” The court imposed the five-year sentence after finding him guilty of subverting state authority. His lawyers said they would appeal. February 9, 2010 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Heavy jail sentences for activists who wrote about plight of Sichuan earthquake victims ChinaAsia – Pacific center_img ChinaAsia – Pacific Tan, who had urged fellow netizens to come to Sichuan to cover the plight of the families of the earthquake victims, was arrested in March 2009. Several journalists and activists were manhandled when they tried to attend his trial in August. His lawyers, including Mo Shaoping, have repeatedly complained of irregularities in the proceedings and submitted to a petition to the court last month listing their complaints, including the fact that they were being denied access to case documents. The press freedom organisation added: “After convicting human rights activist Liu Xiaobo on Christmas Day, the authorities are now using the Chinese New Year period to announce very harsh sentences for dissidents who are well known in China and abroad.” News to go further Yesterday’s decision by a Chengdu intermediate court to reject human rights activist Huang Qi’s appeal against his three-year sentence was taken without any hearing being held, thereby denying his defence lawyers a chance to present arguments. Huang was notified by letter that his sentence had been upheld. RSF_en Follow the news on China Tan’s wife was not allowed into the courtroom for today’s hearing, while nine journalists who had come from Hong Kong to cover the hearing were briefly detained and roughed up, and their press cards were taken. Two of the journalists were injured. The press cards were returned after the hearing. News Huang’s wife, mother and son were allowed to see him in prison today. They reported that he was calm but his state of health appeared to have deteriorated as a result of the stomach and chest tumours he is suffering from. He said he had not been mistreated while in detention. News News Democracies need “reciprocity mechanism” to combat propaganda by authoritarian regimeslast_img read more

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Related Stories How Ange Bradley finally got the national title she’s been chasing for 25 yearsSyracuse field hockey becomes 1st women’s team in school history to win national championshipAlyssa Manley wins Honda Award as nation’s top field hockey playerAlma Fenne leads scoring for No. 1 Syracuse in first and final season with teamRoos Weers deals with dyslexia, transition to U.S. in becoming star at Syracuse Published on January 8, 2016 at 2:03 pm Contact Sam: [email protected] | @Sam4TRcenter_img Syracuse head coach Ange Bradley was named National Coach of the Year by the National Field Hockey Coaches Association, it announced Friday.The award comes after Bradley led the Orange to the program’s first national championship this season, the first national title for a women’s team in school history. SU started the season 16-0 but lost to North Carolina in the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament final. The Orange then defeated the Tar Heels 4-2 in the national championship.This is the second time Bradley’s been named coach of the year. She won her first in 2008, her second year at Syracuse, when the Orange went 22-2 and appeared in its first-ever national semifinal. She’s also a seven-time conference coach of the year, owns the sixth-best winning percentage in Division-I history (.751) and ranks fourth among active coaches.Since Bradley’s hiring in 2007, the Orange has appeared in four final fours, back-to-back national championship games and, this season, won its first regular season ACC title since joining the league in 2013.While Bradley was named ACC coach of the year, SU became the first team since 1994 to sweep the ACC awards. Alma Fenne won Offensive Player of the Year; Alyssa Manley, Defensive Player of the Year; Roos Weers, Rookie of the Year.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textThe Orange ranked second nationally in scoring margin (2.75), fourth in goals-against average (0.98), fifth in goals per game (3.82) and fifth in scoring average (3.73). Commentslast_img read more

first_img Submit Tom Horn Gaming agrees OMEGA Systems partnership May 24, 2018 Share Omega Systems has enhanced its offering, confirming a content partnership with Espresso Games. The deal means that the Espresso Games portfolio of slot and table games will be integrated onto the Omega Core iGaming platform.Paddy Mann, Omega Systems’ Business Development Manager commented: “The addition of Espresso’s content provides Omega licensees the ability to add fresh and engaging games to their sites. “Furthermore, Omega Core bonus and promotional tools combined with Espresso’s games, gives our clients a winning proposition.Omega Core continues to evolve and partnering with Espresso is a logical extension of this.”CEO of Espresso Games, Max Rizzio added: “We are delighted to offer our games through Omega Systems to further Espresso Games’ expansion plan. I believe that Omega Systems’ robust and flexible gaming platform is a great venue to unleash our innovative and sticky games to international operators and players.”The new partnership comes as part of Omega’s continued effort to enrich its offering, after it also recently partnered with Xiang Shang Games (XSG).At the time, Mann emphasised: “We are honoured that XSG, a global leader in gaming technology, has chosen Omega Core to power their online gaming expansion,” said Paddy Mann, business development manager.“The combination of XSG’s outstanding content and Omega’s superior igaming platform will provide an engaging and exciting gaming experience.” Related Articles Share StumbleUponlast_img read more

first_imgQuick Assembly EditingBudgeting time is as important as budgeting money. Filmmakers who run short on time sometimes have to pass off fast edits as final cuts for their short films or projects.Yes, a solid editor can do a pass on a short film project and put together a decent enough edit over a day or two. But, if you really want your short film to stand out, you’ll need to do a lot more work than that. Again, there’s a reason why the big budget features take weeks or months for a team of editors to go through. While some of it is for expensive VFX that you might not have the need for, a lot of it simply involves giving each shot, scene, and sequence the love it deserves to make it as perfect as possible.Simply put, don’t rush things if you don’t have to! Do a quick assembly draft at first, but sit on it for a week. Show the draft to friends, family, and fellow producers and filmmakers. Get feedback, take notes on reactions. Do another edit. Share that around. Take your time and give your project the polish it deserves.Cover image by Aleksey Boyko.For more low-budget filmmaking advice, check out these articles!7 Tips for Low-Budget FilmmakingGetting Started in Effective Low-Budget Film and Video ProductionProduction Tips: Getting Started with Low-Budget Stunt CoordinationHow to Create a Low-Budget Film That Feels Like a BlockbusterFree Script Writing Software Options for the Low-Budget Filmmaker Are DIY issues hurting your filmmaking projects? Here are solutions to five predicaments indie filmmakers encounter when shooting low-budget short films.We all know the life and trials of the low-budget (or often no-budget) indie filmmaker can be very difficult to navigate. For many, it’s barely enough to wrangle together a camera, crew, and actors to even attempt shooting a low-budget short film over a weekend. And, while the majority of us rarely get to do it for money, it still requires a huge amount of time, energy, and resources, on top of it all.That being said, if you’re putting so much passion into your labor of love projects, you really want to make sure you do them justice, avoiding any possible project-ruining issues or mistakes. So, for the benefit of your sanity and ability to make your filmmaking dreams come true, here’s how to steer clear!Reliance on Natural LightingSo, issue number one — which you see on all types of low-budget short films and productions — often has to do with lighting. Yes, your new digital camera is a modern marvel of technical specs and ability. But, even at its highest ISO, it’s not going to be able to record quality footage when shooting outside in the dead of the night.For many low-budget productions, natural lighting is often thought of as the be-all, end-all option for lighting your scenes. And with good reason as it’s a free, yet unreliable, source of the greatest light known to mankind. However, it’s fickle, and often either too powerful or less powerful than you’d think.The best advice for low-budget filmmakers who might not have the best lighting experience, is to always plan to use natural lighting (as much as possible). But also have plans for backups, as well as ways to spread the natural lighting around. This can be with either bounce boards or reflectors, or by investing in cheap and affordable LED light sets to use in less controllable settings.Here are some good articles to read up on about working with natural light, too.Three Quick Tips for Filming in the Midday Sun Without Diffusion ToolsNature’s Lighting: A Guide on Shooting With or Against the SunTips on Lighting Day for Night Interiors Poor Audio Recording / MonitoringImage by guruXOX.Another important issue — and filmmaking cardinal sin — is a neglectful approach to recording (and monitoring) audio on set. And sadly, it happens more often than not, just because many filmmakers are so focused on shooting their scenes (with the framing, lighting, acting, etc…) that the idea of just hitting record on an audio device will slip away.There’s a reason most big budget productions have full audio teams and multiple experts to handle all aspects of quality audio recording. If you’re working on a small skeleton crew (or even worse, forced to shoot as a one man band), audio will usually be the first aspect to suffer.You can avoid this though! Quality (or at least acceptable) audio recording can be achieved by emphasizing the following steps:Removing unwanted background noisesUsing the right microphones for the jobTesting and monitoring the audio while recordingAnd, while you should never plan for it, there are some tricks that you can do in-post to work with audio. But, you’ll never save audio that hasn’t been recorded well enough using the steps above.Here are some helpful articles — specific to recording audio.9 Things You Should Check Before Recording AudioThe Indie Filmmaker’s Guide to Recording AudioGear Roundup: The Top Three Audio Recorders Under $300center_img Little or No RehearsalAnother issue you often see with low-budget productions appertain to stale (or clearly unrehearsed) acting performances. It’s understandable, we can’t all be working with professional A-listers who just happen to want to act on your project for free. But, even with non-professionals, taking the time to hold intensive rehearsals almost becomes more important.If you’re shooting a film over a weekend, you should have at least two or three weekends penciled in beforehand just to focus on rehearsals. The first is usually a table read, but the rest should be done with blocking and lighting, audio and camera placements, and movements worked in.Shaky Camera and FocusImage by kuzmaphoto.Out of all the issues on this list, this might be the simplest to fix. It’s 2019. There are copious amounts of resources available for this, so there should be no reason to have shaky or out-of-focus footage these days.For shaky footage, make sure you’re using a quality and secure tripod. You can follow the advice in this article here.And, for focus, you’ll either want to work with a focus puller, a solid follow focus setup, or simply learn and master the art of setting your focus so that you don’t have to worry about having to change it too often. Here are some articles to help with focus issues.Production Tip: 5 Simple Ways to Fix Out-of-Focus FootageWhat Are Focus Charts and Why Do You Need One?Get Sharper Footage with These 7 Focus Trickslast_img read more

first_img Continue Reading Previous Moxa: IIoT Edge gateway for Microsoft Azure IoT EdgeNext Renesas: radiation-hardened precision current source for sensing applications Panasonic Industry has announced its technology line-up for Electronica 2018.  Since its repositioning last year, Panasonic Industry offers one of the broadest product portfolios on the market, encompassing electronic components, devices and modules, complete solutions and production facilities, and advanced services and training.At Electronica, Panasonic Industry is showcasing its technological heritage, core competencies and products in the mobility, living space and business sector. Visitors will have a chance see inspiring exhibits, explore demos and meet with experts, seeing for themselves how Panasonic provides solutions that enable customers to meet tomorrow’s new challenges heads-on.A smarter transport system that caters for social, economic and environmental sustainability is arguably one of the most critical prerequisites for creating a viable future. Designing and delivering transport systems that provide environmentally friendly, safe, cost-effective and technologically informed travel alternatives address this issue and Panasonic Industry is showcasing its involvement and sponsorship with the Hyperloop transportation concept on the stand, as well as its other projects in the field of e-mobility and transportation. Hyperloop is a new transportation concept where a high-speed train travels in a near-vacuum tube which allows the capsule to travel at supersonic speed – faster than any commercial train or car will be able to in the foreseeable future.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Chips & Components last_img read more

Alabama rolled over the Notre Dame Monday night, 42-14, to easily claim its second straight national championship and third in four years and reinforce its position as the top program in the nation.From beginning to end, the Crimson Tide dominated and sent the resounding message that the SEC reigns above all conferences. To wit: ‘Bama’s title is the seventh straight for the SEC.Led by quarterback AJ McCarron and running back Eddie Lacy, the Tide alternately bruised and picked apart the Irish defense, making star linebacker Manti Te’o, a Heisman Trophy finalist, and his cohorts look like Alabama roadkill.“They just did what Alabama does,” Te’o said after the game.Notre Dame was undefeated and No. 1 in the country coming into the game, but it had not faced a team like Alabama. The Crimson Tide used a lethal combination of power and finesse to overwhelmed the Irish on both sides of the ball. Lacy ran right through the Irish defense on a 20-yard touchdown in the game’s opening minutes, capping  an 82-yard drive, which was the longest given up on the season by the Irish.It was a harbinger of dominance to come.McCarron led his team down the field on their second possession for 61 yards, climaxed by a 3-yard touchdown pass to tight end Michael Williams, who was standing in the back of the end zone unattended. The Tide went up 14-0, and they were just beginning to roll.Alabama running back T.J. Yeldon put the Tide up 21-0 on the first play of the second quarter on a 1-yard run. The Crimson Tide got to that point on the strength two long McCarron completions: one to  receiver Kevin Norwood for 25 yards and the second to freshman extraordinaire Amari Cooper for a 27-yard gain.Once Yeldon scored, all Irish hopes of winning their first national championship since 1988 vanished into the warm Miami night air. Irish fans were hushed and their players were in awe.”We’ve got to get physically stronger, continue close the gap there,” Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said. ”Just overall, we need to see what it looks like. Our guys clearly know what it looks like now – a championship football team. That’s back-to-back national champions. That’s what it looks like. That’s what you measure yourself against there. It’s pretty clear across the board what we have to do.”Already up 28-0 at halftime, the Crimson Tide opened the third quarter with the similar control, making it 35-0 on a 34-yard hook up from McCarron to Cooper. If it was not already over, it was then.And so, Tide coach Nick Saban sits atop the college coaching mountain with four national championships, three at Alabama.“We’ve had a lot of really great football players who’ve worked really hard,” Saban said. “Because we’ve had a great team, we’ve been able to have a significant amount of success.”Kelly took the hard lesson from the defeat: His team still has a ways to go.“We made incredible strides to get to this point,” he said. “Now it’s pretty clear what we’ve got to do to get over the top.”Lacy finished with 140 yards on 20 carries and was voted the game’s offensive MVP. McCarron, who was last year’s MVP, threw for 264 yards and four touchdowns on 20 of 28 passing.The stoic Saban said: “Whether I look it or not, I’m happy as hell.”But he said he gets back to work in two days. No extended rest for champions. read more

first_img Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals 2 min read The Army is indeed currently at work building a Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit or TALOS.  The suit is meant for Special Operations Forces, and while it can’t fly, it does repel flames and ammunition. In addition to protecting soldiers, the Army said in an announcement this fall that it hopes the technology that is being developed for the suit can be used to create even better prosthetics for soldiers wounded in the line of duty. Prototypes are expected to be ready for testing in June.       Last month, Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 cult classic RoboCop was rebooted with The Killing’s Joel Kinnamen in the title role. The most recent episode of Community had Abed (Danny Pudi) highly anticipating/dreading the remake of his favorite robot vigilante movie “Kickpuncher.” Related: Entrepreneurs on the Moon? NASA Takes a Step in That Direction.And in Robert Downey Jr.’s third outing as Iron Man last summer, he defeated Guy Pearce’s revenge-driven mad scientist (but aren’t they all?) alongside his friend James Rhodes (Don Cheadle). To lend a hand, the Colonel was decked out in an uber-patriotic, government-sponsored super suit to become: War Machine.You can’t say that TALOS isn’t on trend.What crazy apps and gadgets have you come across lately? Let us know by emailing us at [email protected] or by telling us in the comments below. Coming soon to a top-secret government lab near you…Iron Man?Sort of. Last week, in a case of life imitating art — or least the demands of the domestic box office — President Obama made mention of an Army project called TALOS during remarks at a White House event announcing the development of Manufacturing Innovation Institutes in Detroit and Chicago.Related: What If EVERYTHING In Your Life Was Connected to the Internet?Obama jokingly said of the undertaking, “Basically I’m here to announce that we’re building Iron Man…This has been a secret project we’ve been working on for a long time. Not really. Maybe. It’s classified.” Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. March 5, 2014last_img read more