first_imgKarl Denson is a busy man these days. In addition to fronting his own band, Tiny Universe, the legendary saxophonist recently booked a gig as a touring member of the Rolling Stones. Considering the group is heading down to Cuba for their first performance there ever, we couldn’t resist an opportunity to chat with Denson himself. Between Stones work, Slightly Stoopid, The Greyboy Allstars and his many expected performances during Jazz Fest (including the revival of his Prince cover set), there’s a lot going on for fans of Diesel!Our own Rex Thomson caught up to Denson for the exclusive. Read on below:L4LM: In just a couple days you’re going to be following in the recent footsteps of President Obama by visiting the island of Cuba with The Rolling Stones. With the decades long embargoes lifting, you’re going to be one of the first western bands to play for the people there for quite a while. How excited are you to be part of such a significant cultural moment?Karl Denson: This Rolling Stones thing just keeps getting more and more surreal. I was watching Obama’s speech yesterday, Waiting to see if he would mention the Rolling Stones visit, And of course he did. There’s really no words to explain how great and strange this segment of my life is.          L4LM: Will you have any opportunity to explore the island?KD: We are only going to be there for a day and a half, so I don’t really expect to do a lot of exploring, but I will definitely take a long walk around the city. I want to make sure I get down to the beach and see how it compares. I’m going to take in some authentic Cuban food which is exciting and they’ve already scheduled a concert for us. L4LM: You’ve recently toured South America with the Stones as well, and have now played on practically every continent.  Was getting to see the world a factor in your joining the band?         KD: Absolutely not! It’s the Rolling Stones! L4LM: It looks like the only continent you haven’t played on is Antarctica.  Any chance you and the Stones could bust out the parkas and play one for the penguins? KD: If somebody takes me down there. Imagine me standing in the middle of the Penguins, covered with snow and ice, with my saxophone. It’s like a jazzy children’s book. L4LM: When last we spoke you were completing a new disc with your band The Tiny Universe.  How close are we to getting to hear this new material? KD: It’s very close. I’m going to rerecord a few tunes in a couple of weeks and then we will be wrapping it up. Aiming for an early fall release.L4LM: Speaking of material, you’re bringing your Prince tribute set to Howlin Wolf for second weekend of Jazz Fest.  You’ve taken on some pretty stellar artists in the past like the Beastie Boys and RUN DMC…what made you decide to adapt the Purple One’s catalog? KD: I like to think I know a lot about music and have a strong background, so doing this album was a little gift from me to my fans, most of whom, even though they are Prince fans, have never heard this particular record.For more information on Karl Denson’s Prince show in New Orleans, head here. The full Howlin’ Wolf late night lineup can be seen here.L4LM: The night after the Prince show you’re going to be doing your legendary annual late night blow out at Tips. It’s always a star studded set with special guests and no stopping until dawn.  Do you have any idea who’s joining you for this, or do you just invite the entire city and just see who makes it?KD: Sometimes there’s so much going on you just have to wait and see what happens. The fun thing for me right now really is just that my band is hitting on all cylinders. I’m having so much fun I don’t care who comes to see it. I know it’s going be a blast. This year we get to rehearse more Of just what we do rather than some kind of specialty event.L4LM: You’ll be playing a couple of gigs with one of your other projects, The Greyboy All-Stars, the first weekend of Jazz Fest. How easy is it for you to jump between three acts with their own catalogs in such a short period of time? KD: It’s just music. It’s what I’ve been doing for the last forty years, Learning how to learn songs, and to remember them.L4LM: Will you just be staying in town through both weekends of Jazz Fest?  I’m sure there are plenty of bands who’d like to see you join them for some funky sit ins.KD: I’ll be there for the two weekends and in between. I’ve got a few extra things to do while I’m there. That’s one of the fun things about jazz fest; the collaborations that are available.L4LM: Having done so many sit ins and jam sessions over the years have you learned any tricks to fitting in, musically, with players you’re not overly familiar with?KD: Always, always play for the song. Each composition is the most important thing.L4LM: So, between these three bands, how many shows do you think you play in a year?KD: Let’s just say it’s a lot. And it’s four bands, You have to add Slightly Stoopid in also.L4LM: We’ve talked about your health regimen, but how much of a toll does all this touring take on you?KD: It’s pretty grueling. But over the years I have learned to schedule in route things properly. That helps a lot.L4LM: So, you average about 150 shows per year around the world.  It seems like you’d have to have learned some tricks to keeping yourself functioning optimally through such a grueling schedule.  Can you give us an inside look at your on the road routine?KD: I’ve been doing tai chi for close to 40 years. As long as I manage to give myself an extra hour to stretch and do some chi gong, I don’t generally have any problems. The voice is probably the most delicate gear in the touring machine. When I’m doing my band or The Greyboy All-Stars I have to be more aware of running myself down.L4LM: Obviously in such a grueling schedule there’s a lot of dead time while traveling.  Do you have any non musical hobbies you indulge in to fight the boredom?KD: I’m pretty content all by myself. Practicing takes up a good amount of the downtime and I love politics so I watch and read a lot of news. L4LM: With all the artists you’ve collaborated with reading like a who’s who of the music world, is there anyone left on your wish list to play with?KD: There are always new artists popping up. I still haven’t played with Herbie Hancock. And Kendrick Lamar is one of my new favorite things to listen to. Also, I would love to do an actual project with Derek Trucks at some point.L4LM: Can you remember when you first heard the breathy flow of a saxophone? Was it an instant love affair?KD: I started hearing serious saxophone players when I was about 12. Shortly after I started playing saxophone myself. But it wasn’t until Fourth of July, 1988 that I actually fell in love with the instrument. I was on the Staten Island ferry back to Manhattan. There was an older black man on the ferry playing saxophone. He had lost his front teeth and played on in spite of it. There was something magical that Hit me in that moment. Mind you, I was drunk off my ass, but it was still one of the most memorable musical experiences of my life. I remember saying to myself” I love the saxophone”. There was a purity to the reason that he played.L4LM: I’m sure you had players that influenced you, though you have a very recognizable, unique sound.  Obviously, you had inspirations and influences at the beginning.  When you were starting out, how long do you feel it took to develop your own style?KD: I feel like I had my own style pretty early on. Not that it was necessarily good. I definitely attempted to carve my own path from the beginning, driven by the originality of my mentors: John Coltrane, Eddie Harris, Yusef Lateef, Miles Davis, etc. I think it took me around 20 years to become a voice that was Worth hearing.L4LM: When you look back on your career, what do you hope to have accomplished with your music?KD: It would be nice to have made enough of an impression on the World to still have people listening to my music decades from nowlast_img read more

first_imgAfter much anticipation, SunSquabi released their glorious new EP Odyssey last week. The album has been making the rounds, noteworthy not only for its great collaborations – GRiZ and Big G’s Dominic Lalli both lend their saxophonic skills to different tracks – but for its great songwriting and intriguing melodies.“‘Odyssey‘ is a reflection of the people, places and experiences we have been through so far in our journey as a band,” says guitarist/keyboardist/producer Kevin Donohue. “It is also a glimpse into the future of SunSquabi. An Odyssey is not only a great journey, but more so the story of one. Our story is just beginning, and we plan to take the ideas we have brought to light with this EP to a whole new level for the next album.”The band progressively mixes live and electronic techniques, creating a musical whirlwind unlike no other. Not only that, but they’re constantly taking chances and pressing the envelope. Through Odyssey, the band moves forward. “You can expect to hear us play really worked out versions of these songs live this summer, as well as the development of our new Album.”For any band, a live performance is paramount. SunSquabi continues to tighten their style with each passing show, and they’ll get some great opportunities at a number of major festivals on tap for this summer. That live setting between artist and crowd ultimately shaped the direction of Odyssey. “We want our sound to reflect the energy of what it’s like playing for an audience,” said Donohue. “The subconscious communication that happens between performer and listener is something that has always driven our sound and a huge reason why we play music in the first place; to connect one another.”The music itself is transcendental, with each of the seven tracks delicately crafted as a unique musical journey. Opener “Sticky” has a more mellow atmosphere, while tracks like “Pablito” and “Odyssey” come across with a dance funky vibe. There’s no wrong way to slice Odyssey, as the whole album will keep your head bobbing and feet tapping from cover to cover.Listen to the new EP below, and check it out on iTunes and Spotify!last_img read more

first_imgEdit this setlist | More Dead & Company setlistsWant to win tickets to see Dead & Company next Sunday, June 26th at Citi Field? Enter below!Photos via Dave DeCrescente; check out a full gallery of images below! Throughout their first four shows, Dead & Company had yet to play a single song multiple times. The trend for tour debut songs continued on Monday night in Camden, NJ, when the Company brought out 13 tour debuts, and last night’s performance at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, NY followed suit with six more!The show opened with a rocking version of “Feel Like A Stranger,” before bringing out the first “Here Comes Sunshine” of 2016. The show featured six 2016 debuts in total, including “Here Comes Sunshine,” “Loser,” “Little Red Rooster,” “Iko Iko,” “Good Lovin’,” and a double encore that included “Brokedown Palace” and “Johnny B. Goode.”Some standout moments from the show include an emotional “Brown Eyed Women” with John Mayer on lead vocals, as well as rocking versions of both “Cassidy” and “Deal.” The latter featured some tremendous guitarwork from Mayer, as well as some rhythmic mastery from Oteil Burbridge, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart. The second set was also jam packed with highlights, including a crazy “Estimated Prophet > China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider” that dropped into a psychedelic “Drums/Space.” “Uncle John’s Band” brought the set back to reality, and the group closed out with “Days Between” and “Good Lovin’.” “Brokedown Palace” sent fans home with an emotional farewell, before the band came back for a second encore, and closed things out with a rocking “Johnny B. Goode.” Righteous!Check out audio, video, and setlist from the show below.Full audio – taped by Bill GoldbergFeel Like A Stranger – taped by Sean RocheBrown Eyed Women – taped by Sean RocheCassidy > Deal – taped by Sean Roche Load remaining imageslast_img read more

first_imgLoad remaining images For Mikey Carubba’s birthday on 7/28/16, the Turkuaz drummer called on a number of talented friends to join the party, resulting in a dream superjam lineup. The full roster included Robert “Sput” Searight (Snarky Puppy), Steve Watkins (Allen Stone, Juno What), Nate Edgar (Nth Power), Craig Brodhead (Turkuaz), The Turkuaz horns (Chris Brouwers, Greg Sanderson, and Josh Schwartz), Scott Flynn (formerly Pretty Lights Live Band), Shira Elias (Turkuaz), Sammi Garrett (Turkuaz), Chuck Jones (Dopapod), Taylor Shell (Turkuaz), Fro (RAQ), Eli Winderman (Dopapod), Rob Compa (Dopapod), Danny Mayer (Eric Krasno Band), and Isaac Teel (Tauk).The incredible supergroup threw down on a diverse setlist featuring renditions of everything from the Allman Brothers to Alanis Morissette. It was clear that the bandmembers were comfortable with one another, sharing a special chemistry and cultivating a family vibe on stage. Mikey was in his element for his birthday rager, going head to head with the masterful Sput. “Jessica” was undoubtedly a highlight, the familiar melody getting everyone in the groove. Shira’s powerful pipes absolutely tore the house down on tracks like “You Oughta Know” and “Midnight in Harlem”, bringing chills to the audience. Steve Watkins, dubbed “Swatkins” by Mikey, stunned the crowd on the talkbox and keys. All in all, the combination of these talented individuals was nothing short of explosive.Enjoy the entire show below, thanks to taper Matt Moricle, as well as fan-shot video footage of Stevie Wonder’s “As” by Dan Purdom.Setlist: Mikey Carubba’s Bday Bash – 7/28/16 – The Hall at MP in Brooklyn, NYSet 1: Intro, Sput Vs Carubba Duet, Band Introductions, One Way Out [1], Jessica [1], Squarefoot [2], Cry Me A River [3], You Oughta Know [4], Things I Do For You [5], Another Star [13]Set 2: Intro, Midnight In Harlem [6], Got to Give It Up [7], Philly [8], No One Knows [9], Hood Politics Interlude [8], It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World [11][12], As [13][1] The Allman Brothers Band[2] Rutter[3] Ella Fitzgerald[4] Alanis Morissette[5] Jackson 5[6] Tedeski Trucks Band[7] Marvin Gaye[8] Danny Mayer Trio[9] Queens of the Stone Age[10] Kendrick Lamar[11] James Brown[12] contained an Alicia Keys tease[13] Stevie WonderPhotos by Bahram Foroughi:last_img read more

first_imgIt was reported yesterday that Stanley Dural Jr., better known by his stage name Buckwheat Zydeco, passed at the age of 68 after a battle with lung cancer. The Lafayette, LA-born accordion, bandleader, and torch bearer of Zydeco music, earned his “Buckwheat” nickname due to his braided hair and resemblance to that of the Our Gang/The Little Rascals character.After earning his stripes playing organ with legends such as Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown and Joe Tex, Dural went on to meet and back Clifton Chenier’s Red Hot Louisiana Band. That influential relationship with Chenier led him to take up the accordion and began his love affair with zydeco music. He went on to form his own bands, eventually settling on Buckwheat Zydeco and Ils Sont Partis Band.The long list of accolades includes playing with international superstars such as Eric Clapton, Bono, Paul Simon, Robert Plant, Mavis Staples, Little Richard and countless others. The group also performed on essentially every major network and talk show over the years, while the largest audience came during their performance at the closing ceremonies of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.“I’m not performing for one group of people, I perform for all generations,” said Dural. “You give 50% to the older generation, 50% to the younger generation. I have no limit to what I can do, so I can take it to different levels.”In memory of Stanley “Buckwheat” Dural Jr., take a listen to a few memorable performances from over the years.Performing Jimi Hendrix’s “Hey Joe” on Late Night w/ David Letterman 6/15/92:Buckwheat Zydeco – Hey Ma Petit Fille I’m Going Now – from the Montreux Jazz Festival 1989:Emotional version of George Perkin’s “Cryin’ In The Streets” for the Hurricane Katrina compilation album Our New Orleans: A Benefit Album for the Gulf Coast (2005):Performing at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in 2016 with his band, despite battling lung cancer:Buckwheat Zydeco with Paul Simon at Hurrican Katrina Benefit “That Was Your Mother”:[via NOLA’s Times-Picayune]last_img read more

After their unlikely return this year, Guns N’ Roses already have their sights set on 2017. The classic rock n’ rollers have been teasing a major tour announcement for next year, and made good on that promise this morning with 35 fresh tour dates.The tour spans from May 27th through September 8th, with a long stretch through Europe followed by another stretch in North America. The band will be mostly hitting cities that they missed in 2016, including a number of shows in Canada.Check out the full schedule below, and head to their website for ticketing information.Guns N’ Roses Tour DatesEuropeMay 27 – Dublin, Ireland, Slane CastleMay 30 – Bilbao, Spain, San Mames StadiumJun. 02 – Lisbon, Portugal, Passeio Martimo De AlgesJun. 04 – Madrid, Spain, Vincente Calderon StadiumJun. 07 – Zurich, Switzerland, LetzigrundJun. 10 – Imola, Italy, GreenfieldJun. 13 – Munich, Germany, OlympiastadionJun. 16 – London, United Kingdom, London StadiumJun. 20 – Gdansk, Poland, Stadion Energy GdanskJun. 22 – Hannover, Germany, MesseJun. 24 – Werchter, Belgium, ClassicJun. 27 – Copenhagen, Denmark, Telia ParkenJun. 29 – Stockholm, Sweden, Friends ArenaJul. 01 – Hämeenlinna, Finland, Kantolan tapahtumapuistoJul. 04 – Prague, Czech Republic, Letnany AirportJul. 07 – Paris, France, Stade de FranceJul. 10 – Vienna, Austria, Ernst Happel StadionJul. 12 – Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Goffert ParkJul. 15 – Tel Aviv, Israel, Hayarkon ParkNorth AmericaJul. 27 – St. Louis, MO, The Dome At America’s CenterJul. 30 – Minneapolis, MN, U.S. Bank StadiumAug. 02 – Denver, CO, Sports Authority Field at Mile HighAug. 08 – Miami, FL, Miami Marlins StadiumAug. 11 – Winston-Salem, NC, BB&T Field at Wake Forest UniversityAug. 13 – Hershey, PA, Hersheypark StadiumAug. 16 – Buffalo, NY, New Era FieldAug. 19 – Montreal, QC, Parc Jean DrapeauAug. 21 – Ottawa, ON, TD Place StadiumAug. 24 – Winnipeg, MB, Investors Group FieldAug. 27 – Regina, SK, New Mosaic Stadium at Evraz PlaceAug. 30 – Edmonton, AB, Commonwealth StadiumSep. 01 – Vancouver, BC, BC Place StadiumSep. 03 – George, WA, The GorgeSep. 06 – El Paso, TX, Sun Bowl StadiumSep. 08 – San Antonio, TX, Alamodome read more

first_imgPioneering producer Manic Focus has revealed plans for a major winter tour schedule! The All Good Records artist will hit the road in support of his forthcoming album release, dubbed Minds Rising Part II, featuring Manic’s unique brand of electro-blues.The tour dates will kick off following Manic Focus’s performance on Jam Cruise, hitting venues throughout the country and ultimately bringing Manic to Euphoria Music & Camping Festival in April. His headlining performances will feature a state of the art production setup, with new lighting and laser rigs to accompany his feel good grooves.Manic Focus is also performing alongside Pretty Lights in New Orleans, LA on December 30th, and will follow that up with a set at Reaction New Year’s Eve in Chicago, IL on the 31st! You can see the full tour schedule below, and head here for details.Manic Focus “Minds Rising Part II” Tour Dates12/30 – Mardi Gras World – New Orleans, LA12/31 – Reaction New Year’s Eve – Chicago, IL01/20 – 01/25 – Jam Cruise – Miami, FL01/27 – Blue Moose Tap House – Iowa City, IA01/28 – Granada Theater (w/ Wick It the Instigator) – Lawrence, KS02/03 – The Intersection (w/ BUKU) – Grand Rapids, MI02/04 – Realm Nightclub (w/ BUKU) – Toledo, OH02/09 – Zydeco (w/ Daily Bread) – Birmingham, AL02/10 – Terminal West (w/ Daily Bread) – Atlanta, GA02/11 – Exit/In (w/ Daily Bread) – Nashville, TN02/17 – Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY02/18 – 9:30 Club – Washington DC02/24 – Agave – Avon, CO02/25 – Aggie Theatre – Fort Collins, CO04/06 – 04/09 – Euphoria Music & Camping Festival – Austin, TXlast_img read more

first_imgLast weekend in Anaheim, California, one of the biggest events for the music products industry took place. The National Association of Music Merchants, commonly known as NAMM, held their annual convention, at the Anaheim Convention Center, over the course of four days. Closed to the public, the event allows musicians and industry personnel from around the globe to walk freely among the nearly 7,000 vendors and 1,800 exhibiting companies. Product demo’s are also put on by musicians that have deals with various companies. Joe Lamond, President and CEO of NAMM, said, “The NAMM Show gathers our industry as a global community, which in turn drives opportunity. This event once again proved to be a stable, reliable platform for growth, both in business and in professional development, as well as in solidarity to share our common vision in creating a world of more music makers.”The show is so gigantic that it’s impossible to see everything over the four days. 125 countries were represented and over 100,000 people attended. Attendees included retailers, media, artists and endorsees, and exhibitors, as well as guests, college music students of NAMM GenNext, school music teachers and administrators involved with Music Education Day, and NAMM member buyers.Each day brought new opportunities for attendees to check out the “Breakfast of Champions,” featuring various industry speakers that kicked off each day’s events before doors opened to the convention. TEC Tracks sessions were available all day long, where attendees could learn more about sound, studio, and stage topics. Speakers during these sessions included Talking Heads’ Jerry Harrison, Aerosmith engineer and producer Jack Douglas, and surprise guest panelist Joe Perry, co-founder and lead guitarist of Aerosmith.Photo Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty ImagesOn Saturday night, Perry was recognized at The NAMM TEC Awards, which acknowledged the best and brightest in professional audio and sound production. Actor and musician Johnny Depp presented Perry with the Les Paul Award, which is presented annually to a remarkably-distinguished and accomplished individual from the music industry. In honor of him receiving this award, songs and recognizable riffs from Aerosmith could be heard throughout the weekend at various events.Musical events that filled the weekend included Richie Sambora and Orianthi, former centerfielder for the New York Yankees Bernie Williams and his All-Star Band, with special guests Poncho Sanchez and Keb’ Mo’, and Ronnie Spector and The Ronettes.One of the hardest invites to come by was for the Bob Weir VIP event put on by D’Angelico guitar. The event featured Guns n Roses’ Matt Sorum, The Rascals’ Gene Cornish, The Doobie Brothers’ Jeff Skunk Baxter, and soul-rock sensation Robert Randolph. “Only A River,” “West L.A. Fadeaway,” “Jack Straw,” The Beatles’ “Come Together,” “The Other One,” and “Touch of Grey” were among many of the songs featured on the set list for the evening.The rare, and much needed, rain that fell during the convention did not keep people away from the events that filled the days. Many people experienced sore feet from endless hours of walking, hunger due to long lines at the food booths, and late night evenings filled with musical events and hours of catching up with industry friends not seen in a year. Drum circles, ukulele circles, and many more inviting musical moments were shared with attendees throughout the weekend. With so many musicians in the same place, magical moments were bound to happen. Check out the moment that Stevie Wonder surprised a NAMM attendee as he jumped on stage unexpectedly. NAMM is known to have the unexpected happen.The following video courtesy of Grayson Erhard, the musician Wonder joined: Load remaining images Words by Sarah Bourque.Photography courtesy of Paul Citone Photography, and Jesse Grant/Getty Images.last_img read more

first_imgLoad remaining images Last night, New Orleans favorites Dumpstaphunk made their way to The Hamilton in Washington, D.C. for a funky performance. Band members Ivan Neville, Ian Neville, Tony Hall, Nick Daniels III, and Alvin Ford Jr. were all in top for for their set in the nation’s capitol, their urges to take bad vibes and “put it in the dumpsta” ringing particularly true amidst the proverbial “dumpster fire” of our nation’s political climate these days. You can get a glimpse of the performance through the gallery below, courtesy of Mark Raker Photography.Next up for Dumpstaphunk is a performance at Brooklyn Bowl tonight, May 18th, followed by a show at The Ardmore Music Hall in Ardmore, PA tomorrow night, May 19th. For a full list of Dumpstaphunk’s upcoming shows, head to the band’s website.Dumpstaphunk | The Hamilton | Washington, D.C. | 5/17/17 | Photos by Mark Raker Photographylast_img read more

first_imgLast night, after a night off following their performance at SPAC on Tuesday, Dead & Company continued their summer tour at Bristow, VA’s Jiffy Lube Live. While Tuesday’s concert noticeably dragged a little after the previous weekend’s grade-A Fenway Park performances, the band beat their Boston hangover and delivered an excellent, creatively adventurous show in Bristow.The show began with a languid but meaty “Shakedown Street,” a song that’s emblematic of many fans’ hesitance to buy into this current incarnation of the Dead. There’s no way around it–Dead & Co plays it slow. That’s not how most Deadheads are used to hearing it, and the truth of the matter is that’s not going to change. But once you give a listen to the improvisation that came out of it on Thursday (below), and you’ll see that a ride down Shakedown is still worth taking, even with its new lower speed limit.“Shakedown” moved into “Uncle John’s Band,” with the band’s own John leading a beautiful, textured rendition, trading fluttering major key runs with keyboardist Jeff Chimenti. The Workingman’s Dead favorite also got the improv treatment, as the band expertly toyed with the tune’s rhythm and dynamics. “Minglewood Blues” came next, giving Jeff a chance to show off his chops as Oteil Burbridge‘s driving bass line kept the engine purring and Bob Weir mustered his best highwayman howl.The first “Althea” since night one at Folsom Field followed. Mayer does some of his best Dead & Co work leading this classic Garcia/Hunter tune, which had been part of his solo band’s live repertoire since well before he became involved with the Dead family. The band then closed out set one with a subtly bouncing “Peggy-O” and a pair of sing-alongs in “Bertha” and “Women Are Smarter.” You can watch fan-shot footage of “Althea” below, courtesy of YouTube user Tom Libera:After a fine first set, Weir, Mayer, Chimenti, Burbridge, and drummers Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart returned to the stage revitalized, with all six musicians connecting and communicating effortlessly. You beed not look much farther than the typed-out setlist the band posted on their Facebook page following the show to see that Dead & Co was letting the music steer the ship in Bristow, as they scrapped most of their planned second set in favor of simply letting it flow:After a set-opening “Playing In The Band,” the band kept on chugging along with a Weir-led “New Speedway Boogie” and a particularly twangy “He’s Gone.” While Mayer and Weir traded singing duties on the wistful tune, it was John’s thoroughly impressive vocal flourishes and searing blues riffing that made the song shine so brightly. “He’s Gone” eventually gave way to “Fire On The Mountain,” which was once again led by Burbridge on lead vocals, who seems to have officially taken over the tune’s singing duties from Mayer after handling the last two renditions (including last weekend in Boston).After ceding the spotlight to the Rhythm Devils for the ensuing “Drums” > “Space,” the band returned to the stage and slid into a misty rendition of John Coltrane‘s “A Love Supreme” (marking the instrumental’s first appearance in the Dead & Company setting) before landing on a dreamy reading of Bob Dylan‘s “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall.” “Hard Rain” eventually found its way back to the “Playing In The Band” theme for a reprise of the set opener before an emphatic “Throwing Stones” > “U.S. Blues” one-two punch brought the set to a close.When the band returned for their encore, they dove right back into “U.S. Blues”–one last chance to sing about the summertime and appreciate their ongoing nationwide run–before resolving into “Liberty,” making for a particularly patriotic ending to a show that exuded a down-home, highway-bound, adventurous American spirit throughout.With a solid performance in Bristow, the band dispelled any notions that they had lost a step after SPAC and affirmed the excitement for their return to New York’s Citi Field tomorrow, Saturday, June 24th. For a full list of upcoming tour dates, head to the Dead & Company website.You can listen to full audio of the performance below via user TaperJeff, and enjoy a gallery of photos from the show courtesy of photographer Mark Raker below:You can also see official pro-shot video of the show’s first three songs (via, as well as crowd-shot videos of “Peggy-O” and “Playing In The Band” > “New Speedway Boogie,” (via YouTube user Tom Libera) below:Pro-shot “Shakedown Street”/”Uncle John’s Band”/”Minglewood Blues”“Peggy-O”“Playing In The Band”/”New Speedway Boogie”SETLIST: Dead & Company | Jiffy Lube Live | Bristow, VA | 6/22/17Set One: Shakedown Street > Uncle John’s Band, Minglewood Blues, Althea, Peggy-O, Bertha > Women Are SmarterSet Two: Playin’ In The Band > New Speedway Boogie > He’s Gone > Fire On The Mountain > Drums > Space > A Love Supreme > A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall > Playin’ In The Band (Reprise) > Throwing Stones > U.S. BluesEncore: U.S. Blues (Reprise) > Liberty[Cover Photo via Mark Raker]Dead & Company | Jiffy Lube Live | Bristow, VA | 6/22/17 | Photos by Mark Raker Load remaining imageslast_img read more