jewelry shop how to make money? Many operators have their own secrets. So for novice investors, where should they start? If you want to learn more skills can be a lot of attention to the relevant knowledge, Xiaobian compiled a number of skills, you can provide for your reference, a look at it.

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is now a lot of people for the purchase of goods may not be enough to understand, perhaps the development of the market is not familiar with, in short, the choice of goods is not careful enough. In particular, some seasonal goods, many people will choose to purchase a lot. In fact, seasonal goods have a specific limitation, in the sales season, the situation is very good, but after the season, and some have become a nobody cares sales".

sometimes, although the season to earn a lot, but in order to deal with these obsolete goods, inventory account, sometimes at a loss. So, in order to reduce the purchase cost, seasonal goods in the purchase should be careful to do this while maintaining stability, good cost control, success. read more

clothing stores need shopping guide, but also the quality of the higher requirements of shopping guide, if you want to run a good men’s clothing store, you can see how to provide professional quality requirements guide. Xiaobian finishing some successful experience, if you are interested in this topic can come to understand.

is a well-known domestic brand menswear for many years Zhiyingdian friends said that men and women together to store to buy clothes is very much; if a man come to the store, as long as the shopping guide properly, men absolutely obediently pocket for money; buy more beautiful, the business is not good, carefully observed with men’s purchase a lady once found the shop there is beauty, is regarded as a danger zone, since it is a danger zone, of course is more better to leave early. read more

we all know that business needs to be able to say, however, this "say" is not just a simple talk, but also need to say, know how to communicate. Two days ago with a foreign friend to come to work in the chat, he said there is a supermarket chain stores will really do business, he recently patronize this store, originally only want to buy a bottle of water, the water bought, bought two of Taishan tobacco and some local products. The post for his wife bought an expensive purses.

I asked him: "how do you change the purchase decision, once bought so many products?" He replied, "in fact, nothing special, that is, the more pleasant communication. The clerk could see me from the outside, to me about the local history and culture and local customs and practices, that is out of a family to take some of the local characteristics of things, every word said my heart, when I decided to buy water, Taishan tobacco and some souvenirs ready to pay, she I asked, "out of time, not specifically for your wife to buy what? Now we are in the ladies’ purses are doing special activities, you do not want to give her a surprise? I thought it was going to be my wife’s birthday, so I bought a lady’s purse for my wife." read more

venture should choose a consumer market, with the line to consider these aspects of living from food and clothing, catering is an eternal topic, the catering industry is to let the majority of entrepreneurs can be a hot industry to make money fast, how to open a dining hall, business good restaurants, share to create good restaurants six tips.

A: the secret and integrity of quality assurance management

in the catering business, if the commitment to the customer can come to fruition, will bring you a hundred times earnings, don’t put food quality as the largest "integrity" brand, to do business, concept of quality food and commitment to customers three are highly unified, this is a complete "integrity" brand can stand an invincible position. read more

China the delicacy a lot, which is a special snack and pie is beyond count, have to say as traditional delicacy, let us look at the boy such a 90 to start their own business selling pies and successfully rich story, I hope you can some lessons from it, interested please look after.

1992 was born on the first half of working years Qianjiang guy Feng Jinhu, after graduating from high school, worked out battles. At the beginning of this year, he went to a pie shop helper, quickly mastered the full set of skills.

3 W

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We must first think of a good and easy to remember the name, you know before

opened children’s clothing store, a good name for the children’s clothing store to attract more popular. So how to give their children’s clothing shop a good name? Small series to share the beautiful children’s clothing shop name.

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