Baidu has introduced tens of millions of dollars to invest in formal independent operation

in the transformation of information service platform for life after six months, Baidu has officially operate independently, and obtain from a joint investment fund and IDG-ACCEL Qiming, tens of millions of dollars.

according to the relevant parties, as the original division compiled "ah" has been officially split from the Baidu Inc, has completed the registration of new companies and related matters, the first funds have been put in place, officially began independent operations. Baidu is now the general manager of e-commerce division Cai Hu as the new company CEO, management has been fully in place, the team is also in full enrollment.

in April this year, Baidu has a formal transformation of local information and life service platform. It is reported that the independent operation of the ah, will continue to focus on this field, and relates to the marriage, child, education and training, family services, beauty, delicacy, leisure and entertainment, health, show tickets, but also provide Internet marketing services for local businesses.

in Cai Hu seems, ah, the development is entering a new mileage. The introduction of well-known venture capital institutions, as well as the independent operation of the strategic initiatives, will have more efficient in the development of e-commerce boom."

at the end of March this year, Baidu’s C2C business to Baidu have released adjustment announcement, said ah shopping platform goods store, transaction related functions will be closed, the mall business will have a plan to transfer music cool days, Yao point 100 other partners. A month later, there is a local life information service platform, a new look.

according to sina science and technology, after the transformation has been looking for an in-depth change, in fact, in July this year, it has begun to close contact with VC, and plans to develop independently.

analysts said the introduction of external funding to promote the development of ah in the market competition, although only after the audit platform ah merchants submitted information, but it also must be faced with the market competition, the 58 city sites, but Baidu search traffic is obviously a competition weight ah.