On the recent media release secret Teng million disband inside how Wanda electricity supplier burned

recently, the media issued a "secret Teng million inside disband how Wanda electricity supplier burned 5 billion?" and other related articles, no investigation, no interview, the story is pure imagination, are false reports.


August 2014, Tencent, Baidu, Wanda three companies signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and plans to set up a joint venture for three years to invest $5 billion into the late project cooperation. But in fact due to comprehensive factors, the three parties did not realize the investment cooperation, Shanghai Frestech all Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "fifast") funded entirely by Wanda, Tencent and Baidu did not put any money.

has been, Wanda and Baidu, Tencent has strategic cooperation in various aspects, the cooperation on each other’s business development has played a positive role in the future, Wanda will also work with Baidu, the Tencent of multi-dimensional, in-depth cooperation.

based on the above facts, claiming that the false media reports of "Wanda electricity to burn 5 billion" said is groundless statement. Individual media without verification, did not do in-depth investigation and interview on the issue, is extremely serious.

fifast is opening up is a no previous explored path, the difficulty and the general model cannot be mention in the same breath. No matter who fly since its establishment, capital, resources, manpower and material resources, is one of the Wanda investment, through the practice of more than 2 years of exploration, there have been setbacks detour, has achieved initial results, believe that Wanda entity + Internet huge market space, and will continue to fly for investment in order to more success.

fifast is actively implementing the "entity + Internet" model of development, relying on Internet technology, thinking and means of communication with a plurality of business domain entities retail, commercial real estate, tourism, transportation, medical treatment and so on, this scene with wisdom as the main mode of application, the user full ecological wisdom of life experience as the core, to create a real economy the Internet business ecosystem, open platform for real estate operators and consumers, and actively explore the transformation of the Internet is not only Wanda, but also by the entity field partners are widely recognized. At the end of July 2016, who fly on the first anniversary of the line, who fly open platform business cooperation projects in more than 3000, fifast business alliance with over 40000 businesses; who fly a total of more than 120 million members, including 47 million 180 thousand active members, who fly APP downloads reached 13 million 500 thousand.

as Rome was not built in a day, who fly development cannot do without the efforts of their own, also cannot do without the support of all sectors, who are willing to work together to fly various partners, to jointly promote the transformation of the Internet entities. Fly where the future development, please wait and see.