SEO get some unhealthy ways of external links

        words do not say, directly into the theme: do SEO know the importance of the chain, but when a novice into the industry or to enter this field. Perhaps the biggest problem is how to get the chain, ranking. Because a novice, no PR, no ranking of poor and blank. Maybe not even included.

        under normal circumstances to exchange links with others, it is estimated that no one is willing to change. In the case of the reality can not be changed, it will gradually produce a lot of unhealthy way to get the chain. Let me enumerate.    

        first, mass message. Mass blog. Reply reply.    

        estimation is a lot of novice and veteran have done. Or after you send a period of time. You will have good rankings. Of course, there are a lot of things like this. Because the number of external links on the increase a lot…… But if it continues……

        there is a saying: as also Xiao He, Xiao He also lost. You are now a large number of mass garbage links. May be the proof of your K. Because there are two aspects of quantity and quality.. A large number of garbage free links to your site. Then the engine will not have too much affection for your station. Even if you did the first few. Ranking is not very stable. This has been proved by many examples of N.  

        recommended novice or more internal optimization for strengthening, like some of the ZBLOG KingCMS dedecms itself has been optimized has been good. Directly take over with a slight modification, adhere to the update, after a period of time should have a certain ranking.


            indeed, the veteran has done more. Professional SEOer also do. Because a lot of large web site, famous site, you want to change links with it is a very difficult thing. Have a swing foot shelf, for example:
you left for me home, I give you put in the page…… You put me in a week…… Let the webmaster are very unhappy..

        what’s the point? That’s just a few dollars…… Oh, this is more in line with China’s national conditions. Not much income, in the bottom of the page to add a few words