O2O an offbeat fly out of WeChat marketing

note: This is the last year (2013) a manuscript written by the end of May, and later put out has been forgotten in the folder, there are some details because WeChat rules change may now not very suitable, but the core gameplay can still bring some thinking.


A small shop

colleagues parents in the vicinity of our company, specializing in selling rice, fried rice and pasta. The main customer base is the office workers near the office, as well as the nearby market vendors. The store is very small, put a total of only eight tables, each table can only take four people. No decoration, the most common kind of wood, but very greasy table is the street shop. In Chengdu, this is the standard for the "fly out".

flies restaurant has opened more than two years, because the relationship between colleagues, we often eat out of the past — of course, price is also very affordable, eleven yuan of money, you can eat a big piece of rice shredded meat we have a bunch of guys, no one has ever said to eat. Last year, the customer is responsible for the beginning of the WeChat project colleagues, and very important internal customers, colleagues began to live every day with WeChat. When not in the initial amount of fans, who developed a habit of love at home fans with the public recoil assistant molested on the toilet, called human, I think there is a smell of feces. One of the side effects of this habit is that his girlfriend even thought he must be carrying a gun. But because of the particularity of the customer’s industry colleagues, on the toilet "flirt" effect is very good, the interaction rate is very high, which leads to colleagues at that time they were often work overtime. This guy was molested in the toilet, the same group of colleagues on duty in front of the computer to be anti molested".

a few days later, probably in 2013 the new year, this guy has got on the toilet with fans feeling, but because he is responsible for the WeChat customer account has begun forming, the number of fans are more and more, no longer casually push content, directly led to no more room to let him play. So, in our encouragement, he decided to help his parents flies restaurant "western style" to start the WeChat marketing flies restaurant. Once again, the fact that customer understanding and strong support is one of the most important conditions of social marketing. The colleague’s mother Zhang, we will call her aunt zhang. Zhang aunt very tide, in 2011 has already had its own WeChat account, and for his son and how to see that a gang of people who do not like the idea of a very serious support colleagues. But according to colleagues, the main reason is that we do not charge. It is not Zhimu ah! Then registered public account, do some simple interface design, landing image…… After a simple preparation, the flies restaurant began its WeChat marketing trip, we estimate that it is now in the WeChat marketing brand catering minimum


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