B2C mall in the promotion of the network in order to obtain greater benefits

B2C mall has become a good platform for enterprise product marketing, but in order to really get their products through this platform to get a good income, it is not a simple thing. Need some professional network marketing practitioners to operate. Because many companies do not have this understanding, there is no professional staff to carry out the relevant network marketing work, the initial site of the good wishes also lost. Not only put the resources boondoggle, make business owners lose confidence in the electronic commerce in this industry, resulting in many enterprises B2C mall ended in close.

author recently in a company’s B2C e-commerce website for product marketing, although it has not achieved good results, but in general, has begun to move on the right track. After this period of time to further understand the B2C mall. To do a good job, really have great difficulty. Unlike entertainment sites, the main purpose is to promote the flow, do not care about the conversion ratio of IP and PV. The mall, it not only to the conversion rate, but also to increase the percentage of visits and actual sales. So the product and the user’s relevance is higher.

for the mall, it’s promotion methods, mostly used to pay for promotion, such as advertising CPS advertising alliance. (on the Wikipedia ZZBK.ORG query terms), and some direct online advertising, web site navigation promotion, CPS advertising alliance now, after some contact with this period of time, the reaction was in addition to some popular goods, such as cosmetics, clothing accessories, digital products, some other goods actually it is difficult to obtain good results. As for the advertising cooperation with other sites, these sites advertising costs are too high, for the larger companies, can bear the cost, but for SMEs, it is worth discussing. But by working with some of the site’s situation, very helpful for the promotion of the brand, traffic has also increased a lot, the sales can be increased, the percentage of visitors and the only sales decline.

said more than two of the paid marketing, to say that the web site navigation promotion, do network promotion friends all know, do daohangzhan promotion, is a good way to get traffic website, the product and the user is also targeted strong. But the cost is also very high, it is said to do a hao123 of the two page, a month to get a few thousand dollars. Another point is that, like this integrated navigation station, for only one kind of commodity or an industry B2C mall, the face of the user’s face is also very narrow, and the cost is also difficult to direct sales. I have been hesitant, in the end how to choose the site navigation station this promotion.

I remember, there should be a professional web site navigation station, shopping through search, find professional navigation station that is really a lot, even the famous site navigation station 114la also made a special shopping navigation channel, Alipay has its shopping navigation professional, there are a lot of people set up the navigation station. If >


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