Link is an art

links is the oldest site promotion, but also the most humane way to promote.

whether you are a big site, or a small site, links are indispensable. Links in addition to bring traffic, improve the site PR optimization, website ranking, and the more important is the role of "mutual exchange of needed products". Web site is like an island, foreign links like route and bridge, only one island even (link), to maximize the value of the site. Otherwise, the isolated island is never gathered popularity.

exchange links is an art – the art of life. To master this art, the following is as a webmaster you required course:

1 to do their own web site, then find links.

an empty, there is no original content of the site is like a rotten apple, want to use this rotten apple to replace fresh fruit possible?

2 from their friends around to start looking for links.

Now the

network developed, if not their friends do, at least also have their own blog. It is popular now, "do not offend anyone who does not offend the blog, otherwise you will be full of the world". How deep is the blog’s water.

3 put the page links to do a little more beautiful, do not sloppy.

invite friends to their home to a guest, you must first clean up their own home.

4 often click on these links to a friend’s website to see.

this is not only the flow, but also a kind of care, friends will see you in the website statistics to patronize the figure.

5 for Links alliance, should not overdo sth..

in its own web site in some of the high flow of garbage sites, it is better to put in a friend’s blog to rest assured, safe.

do stand is an art, exchange links is an art. Let us the webmaster through their own efforts, to promote the art of it.

below for their own station to make a link to the heart of the propaganda:

site name:

and Links please contact Email:xinmimi (gmail
original link:>


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