To build a forum website webmaster experience

I play the industry in a few years, but didn’t make money!! make a stand to do a few days went bankrupt!! don’t leave what real thing! Many webmaster forums, but I personally think that a good A5 forum webmaster forum there are some real things! After all! It is the thing! Not full screen AD! Well into the theme, the forum is now as a feather. What kind of all kinds of all! In the circle I knew a lot of friends friends do BBS, but he always complain about the traffic, post not less!! they blame this blame it! I feel is not a perfect way! A5 forum altar I began in the mix, feeling his development is the rapid analysis of some


below to give you talk about the development of several forums inflection point:

Admin5 first experience found the owner of the circle of transactions, at the end of 06, the transaction between the owners began to appear frequently. However, the issue of integrity, has been difficult to solve, and trading in Taobao Alipay webmaster, easy problems, can not solve the problem of the whole trade, trade, let the staff of the A5 rapid positioning of the forum. Focus on Trade and business.

Admin5 second experience constantly in the station, outside the station. Station: through numerous small activities, send money, send things, do a lot of activities, I also participated in a lot of. It’s all right! There are also a variety of debates on the inside of the forum. These are the stickiness of the user. Outside the station: what to hold a party! Play together! (activity is very attractive to people!).

Admin5 third experience of some activities and planning publicity, feeling A5 people are crazy, is the kind of crazy to coax bad hit type. I know the A5 staff him two weeks post 3 article 1000 (a ten to see. That is 10000 people! Very powerful!!) mainstream media, light Sina News, made no less than 20 times. These also play a leading role. (of course, this is difficult to do our grassroots, after all, limited funds ah!)


Admin5 whether the experience of cooperation or friendship connection, or resource sharing is good!!) the same site, user related websites, as long as there is the possibility of cooperation, we will work together to help the user to help yourself. Good cooperation, not only can bring you the objective flow can also communicate with you good technology!!

Understanding the experience of fifth integral integral

Admin5 very late, the integral section graph king forum very hot. Http://  . Now Tencent to a certain level can head for the construction group? Many people in order to achieve this goal is a global QQ!! for you not only change the integral post forum to improve high quality content, and the webmaster.


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