My Taobao promotion experience

Some time ago my friend

asked me to help him to buy some clothes on the net, then I put the clothes in the guest. He picked up, wow, really. And then I took a lot of commission, immediately guest promotion link to your friends to take the clothes, etc. to complete the transaction, I went to see Ali’s mother, found that, wow, 50% Commission, the first time in Amoy Amoy to the money, is very happy, here I have the picture for everyone to see.


is it right? So I immediately made a web site: do not sue the mood from the injury diary personal website:


hopes to promote this site and blog.

I was a rookie, to publicize their own website in this way to say, we want to help.

: first I know to get traffic through Baidu. The method is to get some very careful to grasp the problem answer in the answer in reference material after put on the link to your site, so your answer was adopted, so if there are people in the Baidu received the same problem, is basically to you stop IP from this problem is stable, if you answer some questions and accepted, there is no doubt that your standing IP is stable growth.

so answer questions must be careful to help you solve the problem. Of course, this is only Baidu, and Tencent’s soso.

second, through the blog, my blog every day is basically stable. You can then create a blog circle, you can put in Amoy promotion blog and blog circle on the blog link, NetEase is can put the HTML code. Yesterday, I found a new key words: mood diary, Baidu search index is good, so I do a NetEase blog mood diary circle. Why not make a diary website and blog? Because NetEase blog the PR value high, weight ah, in the search engine ranking is high. My personal blog is the key word: asked what life, you can search in Baidu, asked what life, my website ranked first. (in this article do not know will not be squeezed down to this station, ha ha)

third: in the advertising alliance to become the main site advertising, you can put the price is very low. Anyway, the purpose is to bring traffic to the site, but fortunately can earn points.

fourth: the website is keyword search keyword ranking, keyword to choose.

I am new, more than a few of their own experience, perhaps for the master of this is a bit funny, but for newcomers, pay some will always have a harvest.

this article does not sue the personal website from the mood diary


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