The marketing strategy of B2B website from user’s demand

The basic mode and characteristics of

1.B2B website

B2B about the mode of the website, is probably the first thought for the enterprise supply and demand information released or trading information platform, in fact, this is just a model of it, according to the different enterprises to participate in the way, the main mode of B2B website can be divided into three categories: large enterprises B2B website, operated by third parties B2B site, B2B site ecological industry. Different types of B2B sites have their own characteristics and mode of operation.

(1) large enterprise B2B website

large enterprises to provide efficiency, reduce inventory, reduce procurement, sales, customer service and other aspects of the service costs, or other reasons, to complete between the enterprise and its customers or suppliers trading through the Internet, for the establishment of the B2B website, the implementation of the electronic commerce. In fact, large enterprise B2B website in all transactions between enterprises stood the total e-commerce transactions dominance.

obviously, can use this system for the enterprise is the main user, suppliers, partners and other relevant departments in the business activities of enterprises or institutions, such as tax, customs and so on, for a large number of other enterprises, need to rely on the following will introduce third party website B2B.

(2) B2B operating

enterprise network a major contribution to the traditional economy, is the establishment of a large number of "platform" has the capability to build e-commerce system, a third party B2B website is various platforms, such as Alibaba’s Global trade information network, is to provide information platform for buyers and sellers, the transaction opportunity, and provide online communication conditions for users. This kind of information platform of the website has several aspects of the value of the enterprise, mainly as follows: increasing market opportunities, comparison of supply channels, promote project cooperation, corporate brand promotion, etc..

increased market opportunities: enterprises through trading at B2B product supply information platform, reduce advertising costs, expand the use of traditional media to cover the market, help directly contributed to the new order, adding new customers, expand the enterprise sales channels.

supply channels: there are large differences in products, buy a lot of products for the price, or the user purchases for the first time he did not understand the prices of products or equipment, through the understanding of the B2B website supplier information released, the buyer can easily understand the basic situation of multi suppliers, by comparison, can be found in to meet their own needs at the same time, the price is more moderate products. Using traditional methods it is often understood that the same number of suppliers often takes longer than the cost of farming.

contributed to the project cooperation: compared with the sale of products, B2B website for the cooperation between enterprises may have greater contribution, because for most business enterprises, to the


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