Network marketing should not blindly follow

network marketing a variety of ways, a few years ago, also popular blog, forum, the recent trend has been to cover the micro-blog, just to understand the micro-blog, WeChat. What am I to do what kind of network marketing? What kind of network marketing is suitable for me? Some say micro-blog marketing, some say WeChat marketing? What I want to do what? Is to follow the trend or follow the prescribed order?? below is Xiao Tong and I hope useful for you to know a little bit of network marketing the.

you are not inside the heart of such a constantly ask yourself, why are more than one hundred thousand, the ever-changing means of network marketing, I would like to choose the same?

first, we in the choice of network marketing means to figure out a "root" – marketing, currently on the market the complexity of the network marketing channel varied, but deviate from them, there is a marketing inside, micro-blog, blog, forum, email, video and so on. These are just a means a channel.

marketing we want to understand and communicate to the customer is the following two points:

1: who are we?

speaking of marketing, network marketing, in simple terms is to own a sell out, like men and women friends started seeing the same, want to attract girls, first of all have to let people know your name, features, what kind of hobbies, don’t watch movies, or eat, clothes the little girl also bought, even you do not know what name, it is not embarrassing, when we do the network marketing began to establish an image to the customer, who we are, what we do. To build a business micro-blog account, WeChat, or, and so on, the most important thing is that you have to give your target customer groups to establish a brand image. Sell yourself out.

two: widespread

front also mentioned, you set up their own brand image, it now needs to be able to make you more familiar or not familiar with your people or consumers, to understand you, this is the need to spread, if you are rich, not afraid to burn, you can be all kinds of marketing channel network investment again, if you did not do this, it is recommended that you choose the best of your network channels to advertise, combined network marketing channel choice lies in the analysis of your target customer groups active, is the so-called "where you have my existence".

the two note well, we consider the network marketing way should we choose what kind of choice, the target population, the choice of local active target population, choose a good channel, and then write the content according to the channel.


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