Network marketing series three real time communication marketing

The replacement of another pipeline email marketing

when the email has become very unreliable users with tools, in addition to RSS, the website operator what effective message pipe? Think about your daily life, what are the common communication tools?

because these two must also wait for the user to receive, if it is through IM, a message may play out in the user computer window flashing. The general habit, e-mail can also slow down, how much will play IM message glances with canthus remaining light.

The possibility of using MSN Bot


It has several problems:

2) total wouldn’t want me to send messages to these people IM operation on the computer manually! How long will it take?! 3) if it is in a period of time a large number of issued notification message to the subscriber, Microsoft host can not see me as a publisher of spam messages to be blocked?


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