Content entrepreneurship can not feed themselves

net financing in the current red market is not the rare event, in the audience to develop whenever and wherever possible in the mobile terminal to watch the video used today, including the once popular scripts are all have to jump to the video outlet. And do a video program cost is much higher than that of text creation, in the face of large amounts of money into, and stable returns, whether PGC creators can recover the cost, can continue to produce high-quality content, whether for investors to create value and so on are hanging on to ask.


so the content of PGC is widely sought after, like outside rumors, you can easily finance, we visited a number of investment circle of friends, but did not come up with an optimistic view:

network is easy to flash red, high quality content of continuous creation of the network of red, the future is not sure the ductility. So it is difficult to invest in an independent investment institutions, a network of red, and will have to pay attention to the network red incubation, operation, it is best to have the ability to produce PGC video network brokerage company.

PGC survival status: 95% content producers do not make money

opened in 2016 the red fire set the absolute beauty and talent is a woman – Papi sauce, even her Baidu encyclopedia first sentence is defined as "the first half of 2016 net red", quickly jump red, 4 million micro-blog fans, WeChat also read minutes easily broken million, even constantly signing her famous brokerage, valuation of breaking 100 million false news.


Papi sauce profit, so far, you can see the commercial show only WeChat Reds reward, the latest "woman is really not good to do" as an example, a total of 5910 people have appreciated, because appreciation of the cost of 2 yuan to 166 yuan, we expect the income of this period should be from 100 thousand to 300 thousand between. Although it is already a lot of money, but this is not the Papi sauce ambition, she has successfully obtained 12 million days before investment, and is the logic of thinking of cooperation, in the end of the month will be held the first advertising auction, tickets have been marked up to the height of 8000 yuan, the expected transaction price may be tens of millions. However, this is only the head of the net red red, not every PGC content has such a great response.

so, what are the other PGC’s living conditions?

we use a Pyramid model to tell you. Remarks: here said the PGC, does not include a large number of video sites to invest heavily in the network drama section of this kind of Pan entertainment products, but the vertical class PGC content entrepreneurial team.


Pyramid accounted for about 5%, single set playback volume over 3 million, CPM is divided into at least 50 thousand + monthly expenses, customized advertising costs 100 thousand + / implantation, the monthly income of more than 200 thousand in the basic similar: "Tang Tang talk", "runaway comic"



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