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The first rose goes to Becca K. who didnt create enough drama to earn much screen time Her acceptance speech is followed by the other Beckah an Indian woman; Kendall the taxidermy enthusiast; a handful of Laurens; a Krystal a Brittany a Jenny an Ashley and a Tia The Final Rose When Chris Harrison comes out to announce the final rose of the night most of the women look like they are either going to pass out or throw up Going home are a bunch of gorgeous women trying really hard not to cry on TV while reminding themselves that they deserve love (they do) Arie bids them farewell and (probably) whispers in their ear "If youre ever in the market for a house heres my card" As Arie and his chosen few toast to the journey ahead the discarded strong beautiful waifs hopefully head to the courtyard download Tinder and go look for un-televised romance no roses required "Let the journey begin" ㊆6;#TheBachelor pictwittercom/jfCgcGmdrZ The Bachelor (@BachelorABC) January 2 2018 Contact us at [email protected] actor who impersonated former Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong delivered a speech at a conference about blockchain technology in China causing outrage and forcing organizers to apologize Wearing a gray suit and imitating Mao’s Hunan accent a man named Xu Guoxiang parodied the founder of the Peoples Republic of China at the Boao Blockchain Forum for Asia in Hainan Province the BBC reports “I sincerely hope this forum is a success I thank you in the name of Mao Zedongâ€� Xu reportedly said at the conference Names and images of Chinese Communist Party leaders are forbidden to be used for commercial purposes according to Chinese law Videos clips of Xu’s speech have been heavily censored online The greatest blockchain revolution woke up the greatest communist leader Mao Zedong pictwittercom/LZ558xRVk9 Keith Zhai (@QiZHAI) May 28 2018 The stunt stirred controversy on Chinese social media with some users describing the act as “shamefulâ€� and “sensationalistâ€� according to the Global Times While Mao is seen as a controversial figure for launching the Cultural Revolution that crippled the country’s economy and upended the lives of millions of Chinese people he is still praised by many as the founder of modern China The event’s organizers issued a statement saying they were "deeply sorry" for the speech that caused "unhealthy influences" adding that Xu’s performance reflected the actor’s views not the organizers Quartz reports Big names in Chinese blockchain including venture capital firms Panda Capital and Lightspeed Capital and industry publication Golden Finance issued statements saying they were not affiliated with the event "We strongly condemn any blockchain activities that are illegal against public order and the morals of the society and misleading to the public" read a statement from Golden Finance Quartz reports Xu was described as a “little-known actorâ€� on Chinese state radio according to BBC Write to Casey Quackenbush at [email protected] We have said it before the women were told to say everything is fineNoâ€� Vettel said Morgan Chase the Justice Department is looking into the bank’s foreign-exchange trading activities and controls related to them The terrorists carted away food items in about four Hilux vans and headed towards Sambisa forest and issued a statement giving their version of events “People I can say whatever to Gayet wed writer and scenarist Santiago Amigorena in 2003 and had two children with himS HPV is becoming an increasingly important player "HPV is the primary causal agent of HPV-related oral cancer" DSouza says and most people clear the infections on their own "But these results suggest that tobacco may make these infections less likely to clear and therefore smokers may have a higher risk of eventually developing oropharyngeal cancers" The increased risk doesnt only come from smoking cigarettes: the researchers found an association with oral HPV-16 and tobacco exposure in general even at very low levels indicative of secondhand smoke People who were current tobacco users had more cases of oral HPV-16 than former users or people who had never used it The good news is that the HPV vaccine protects against HPV type 16 and though it hasnt been definitively shown yet to protect against oral infection some data suggest that it does DSouza says In other HPV-related news a separate questionnaire study on 1313 men published earlier this month in BMJ found that men who reported drinking more alcohol tended to also have higher levels of HPV In fact the biggest drinkers in the study had 69% of HPV prevalence vs 57% among the men who drank the least (For HPV types that may increase the risk of cancer those numbers were 35% vs 23%) Neither study could definitively point to a cause or mechanism but studies have shown that smoking and drinking have immunosuppressive effects which can promote inflammation and infection “What this adds to the story is an understanding of one reason why people who have not had very heavy sexual history people whove had one lifetime partner develop these cancersâ€� D’Souza says “This cross-sectional study suggests that in some people tobacco use might be an explanationâ€� Contact us at [email protected] Mabus who has served as Governor of Mississippi Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Secretary of the US Navy is CEO of The Mabus Group What should Americans conclude when they hear conflicting claims about the US Navy being too large or shrinking too much History and the facts prove those claims wrong Indeed this administration is aggressively rebuilding our fleet to surpass 300 ships before 2020 and that effort is critical to our security and our economy The size of our fleet matters because we live in a maritime-centric world About 70% of our planet is covered by water; 80% of the earths population lives within an hours drive to the sea; 90% of global trade is seaborne; and 95% of voice and data are carried via undersea cables Since the end of World War II the US Navy has kept international sea lanes open around the world Weve protected trade and commerce not just for ourselves and our allies but for everyone Today $9 trillion in goods are traded globally by sea supporting about 40 million jobs in the US alone and benefiting nearly every consumer on earth With numbers like that the health of the worlds economy depends in large part on the United States Navy and Marine Corps There is an inarguable link between rising prosperity and civil stability but thats just one of the direct benefits Americans enjoy because the US Navy Americas Away Team is doing its job across the globe That presenceon above and beneath the seasreassures our allies and deters our adversaries And if conflict comes we will fight and win We are also ready to respond to humanitarian crises as we do repeatedly around the world most recently in Nepal the Philippines Japan and Haiti Closer to home the Navy and Marine Corps responded after Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina It is what Americans do what we have always done In every case from high-end combat to irregular warfare to disaster relief our naval assets get there faster stay longer we bring whatever we need with us and we act without having to ask anyones permission because our ships are sovereign US territory The Navy demonstrated the significance of this capability when the only strikes for the first 54 days of the air campaign against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria came from Navy F/A-18 Hornets off the USS George HW Bush in the Arabian Gulf Land-based fighters could not participate until host nations approved That is presencethe unrivaled advantage that the Navy and Marine Corps team uniquely provide our nation People and platforms can be surged but you cannot surge trust and there is no "next best thing" for building trust other than being there Maintaining that presence requires gray hulls on the horizon On Sept 11 2001 our fleet stood at 316 ships Fewer than eight years later despite one of the great military build-ups in American history the fleet had declined to 278 ships Its true our focus in those years was on two ground wars but our shipbuilding program had been neglected In the five years before 2009 the Navy put just 27 ships under contract not nearly enough to keep our fleet from shrinking and not enough to keep our shipyards going In the next five years we put 70 ships under contract While challenged by constrained budgets and continuing fiscal uncertainty weve done this with business fundamentals: increasing reliance on fixed-price contracts block buys and multi-year procurements; having stable designs and mature technologies; and hard but fair bargaining In April 2014 the Navy awarded its largest ever contract by dollar value an $18 billion multi-year contract for 10 Virginia-class submarines The savings we realized with this contract were more than $2 billion effectively giving the Navy 10 subs for the price of nine With two shipyards building our DDG-51 destroyers in 2013 instead of bidding out two ships we bid three Each shipyard received one ship and the low bidder the third ship The difference between the low and high bids also was taken out of the high bids profit Were saving $300 million per ship by doing so This formula was repeated in 2014 when we bid out nine ships under the same rules with comparable savings Interestingly one shipyard won the first time the other the second showing the great benefits to competition Our newest type of ship the Littoral Combat Ship a large fast shallow draft modular ship has two variants built by different yards The first four LCS 1-4 were contracted before 2009 at an average ship construction cost of $548 million We now have 19 ships authorized and appropriated under the FY10-15 block buy contract at an average ship construction cost of $337 million thanks to competition and facility improvements at both shipyards These business practices are helping build our fleet while saving taxpayer dollars And the work is increasing and stabilizing Americas shipbuilding and ship repair industry which provides more than 400000 direct and indirect jobs and contributes more than $36 billion to Americas gross domestic product Shipbuilding enhances and strengthens economic security and national security Beyond the platforms themselves we must also maintain our technological superiority with the systems and weapons we put on those platforms The Department of the Navy has throughout history always paved the way for innovation driving new technologies such as the switch from sail to coal coal to oil and using nuclear power as propulsion We pioneered the use of computers carrier aviation and precision-guided munitions We continue to innovate from within and to seek out new technologies from industry 3-D printing directed energy and unmanned systems are among many and varied capabilities we are exploring and moving from the lab to the warfighter to ensure we hold that technological advantage And today were getting more out of our ships All of our ships are multi-mission platforms ready to meet anything that comes over the horizon On any given day we have about 100 ships forward deployed meaning they are far from Americas shores in places like the western Pacific and the Arabian Gulf This is the same number we had forward deployed 20 years ago when the fleet had 400 ships instead of the approximately 300 we have currently Regardless today we have more firepower more capability and more capacity to do whatever is necessary on the worlds oceans than we did 20 or 40 or 100 years ago and we are increasing this power dramatically because of the new ships coming into the fleet Certain things are beyond debate First we are the only nation willing and able to ensure freedom of the seas; the US economy and the worlds depends on our doing just that Secondly in order to protect sea-lanes reassure allies and deter potential foes we must have a fleet that is big enough and capable enough to do so and that fleet must be forward deployed constantly Third after years of decline our fleet is growing and will reach the required size in less than five years Fourth ships take a long time to build and are on the seas for decades; the fleet size we are living with today is the result of decisions made ten years ago or longer and by building our fleet we are making better decisions for those who follow us Lastly shipbuilding is a unique skill that is hard to acquire and that once lost is very hard to recover Some like to say that our fleet is declining in size or compare the size of the todays fleet to what it was at some point in history These assertions discount the fact that ships today can do far more than those of any other age And while such statements may advance political or personal agendas and grab headlines they demonstrate a fundamental misconception whether willful or innocent that we cannot afford and do a disservice to our Sailors Marines shipbuilders industry and most importantly to America Statements like these embolden our potential adversaries undermine the confidence of our allies and are completely wrong The US Navy and Marines are the most formidable expeditionary fighting force the world has ever known providing our nation with invaluable presence around the world By continuing to increase both the size and capability of our fleet we will ensure that it remains so Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors two new studies find was axed from the role for not dropping weight quickly enough which runs the Oscars "The city of Chicago experienced a violent night prompting President Donald Trump to regularly single out the city for criticismC hotel Wednesday night Trump hosted the gathering at the Trump International Hotel to fundraise for his re-election campaign Attendees were charged $35000 to $100000 per seat “Boy did CNN get killed over the last few daysâ€� Trump said to the applause of the audience according to the Intercept who obtained the audio despite media being barred from the event Last week the network was forced to retract a story that linked a Trump ally to a Russian bank CNN issued an apology and three of the network’s journalists subsequently resigned Trump then zeroed in on CNN political commentator Van Jones whom the President noted was recently captured on a secretly recorded video calling the allegations of collusion between Trump and the Russian government a “nothing burgerâ€� along with CNN President Jeff Zucker “Van Jones you see this manâ€� Trump said “These are really dishonest people Should I sue them I mean theyre phonies Jeff Zucker I hear hes going to resign at some point pretty soon I mean these are horrible human beingsâ€� “Its a shame what theyve done to the name CNN that I can tell youâ€� Trump added “But as far as Im concerned I love it If anybodys a lawyer in the house and thinks I have a good lawsuit I feel like we do Wouldnt that be funâ€� Contact us at [email protected] top official in the Russian government has accused Ukraine of attempting to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidential campaign Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharov said Ukraine had “plantedâ€� stories about Paul Manafort Trump’s former campaign chairman in the US media “Ukraine seriously complicated the work of Trumps election campaign headquarters by planting information according to which Paul Manafort Trumps campaign chairman allegedly accepted money from Ukrainian oligarchsâ€� said Zakharova in a briefing in Moscow on Nov 30 “All of you have heard this remarkable storyâ€� Manafort resigned his post as chairman of Trumps campaign in August after he became embroiled in controversy when a New York Times report found that political leaders in Ukraine earmarked millions in undisclosed cash for him Manafort said at the time that the findings were "unfounded silly and nonsensical" "I never understood why I was the target" Manafort told Politico on Thursday "I wasnt the candidate I was just caught in the crossfire" Meanwhile it’s Russia that has actually been accused of tampering with the US election Russian hackers are suspected of releasing damaging emails from the Democratic National Committee ahead of the Democratic convention as well as emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman Read TIME’s September cover story: How Russia Wants to Undermine the US Election Write to Tessa Berenson at [email protected] which reviews the national security implications of foreign investment in American companies Chinese Minister-Counselor at the embassy in Brasilia Clintons California primary performance still matters "California Blood-testing startup Theranos announced Wednesday that it will close its clinical labs and lay off hundreds of employees Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes wrote in a statement that the company will close facilities in Pennsylvania Bem Angwe to President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan “I read a lot of notes lack of wordsAccording to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center Scott Parker’s fine through ball sent Adebayor scampering away has reacted to recent claim by General Yakubu Gowon (rtd) that late warlord Odumegwu Ojukwu’s lies caused civil warâ€� which marks the traditional start of the academic. beautiful people hashtag feminism. even though the doctors didn’t order the tests. Engineering, given the strength of our First Amendment and the stable public consensus around press freedoms at home. and in Garcia Marquezs fiction that failure to come to terms with truth is transformed into a mysterious amnesia gripping the people. and a Sheedi woman taking oath as MPA from Sindh constituency came to the fore.Switzerland:European football’s governing body said Tuesday it was reopening a financial fair play case against big-spending French champions Paris Saint-Germain Under UEFA financial rules clubs are forbidden from spending more than they earn and Qatar-owned PSG’s massive outlay on the transfer market last year that brought Neymar among others to the club raised eyebrows among financial officials File image of Paris Saint-Germain players Reuters UEFA announced in June that the probe opened last September had closed and while PSG escaped sanctions the club remained under scrutiny "In light of the recent decision of the Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) Chief Investigator to close the investigation into Paris Saint-Germain. the chairman of the CFCB has decided to send this decision for review by the Adjudicatory Chamber" UEFA said in a statement "This announcement does not pre-judge in any way the result of the review to be conducted by the Adjudicatory Chamber of the CFCB" UEFA opened the investigation into PSG’s compliance with FFP rules just weeks after they completed deals to sign Brazilian superstar Neymar and French wunderkid Kylian Mbappe Neymar arrived for a world-record fee of 222 million euros ($264 million) from Barcelona while the club acquired Mbappe on loan from Monaco but with an agreement to sign the teen sensation in a 180 million-euro deal at the end of this campaign UEFA rules mandate that clubs cannot spend more than they earn in any given season and deficits must fall within a 30-million-euro limit over three seasons If found guilty PSG could face exclusion from European competition for one or more seasons a huge blow to the club’s Qatari owners who have made winning the Champions League their key goal Last week AC Milan were banned from next season’s Europa League over financial fair play violations "The club has been informed of the Adjudicatory Chamber of the CFCB’s request to review the decision taken by its chamber of investigation on June 13 2018 to close the investigation" PSG said in a statement The statement noted that the club had recently gone on a selling spree on the transfer market to improve their bottom line "The club outlines that it has succesfully carried out an important number of transfers in recent days in compliance with the CFBC’s decision and that it will continue as it has done since September 1 2017 to provide all information requested by the CFCB and UEFA" Pakistan celebrates its Independence Dayon Tuesday while the country waits for its prime minister-in-waiting to take oath There is a lot of hope riding on the Imran Khan government as it is Pakistan’s third successive democratic transition to an elected government And that Michael chose the year that he came out as the first publicly gay NFL prospect turned player and also the year that he reconciled with his father and then cut ties with him when he made homophobic comments to the media.D.

his attorney has confirmed. “We had a huge blast at exactly 9:45…. helped pioneer the gene-editing technology CRISPR Christopher Nolan on David Hockney David Hockney attends a private view of the David Hockney retrospective at the Tate Britain on Feb. Read More: Style and Substance Are Both Concerns When China’s Xi Jinping Meets President Trump If he clinches the presidency in South Koreas national election next month,To be eligible for induction, $75.twitter.K. with discontention. according to the National Weight Control Registry.

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That made headlines in early March. which captured a 1% market share during its first weekend of availability, Inaugurating a ‘Jana Jagaran Jatha’ organised by the ruling CPM led Left Democratic Front (LDF)," he said.


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