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head of the RFU’s anti-discrimination department. Ga. S. FargoInfo: Free and open to the public No registration is required*An all-day seminar with Barbara Karnes is available for health care professionals the following day on Oct 13 Pre-registration is required for that event For more information visit hrrvorg/journeyinghomeThe most common question about death"How long" Karnes says "That is the most common question that (hospice workers) get from the family What most don’t understand is that there are dynamics to dying"Karnes says unless people work with end-of-life care then the dynamics of dying are most likely foreign to them"We’re going to die the way we lived We’re going to die according to our personality and we have limited control over the time that we die" she says "Those are things that most people don’t understand or even know"Karnes says that people working with end-of-life care can help to educate families in this process"You can’t put a number on how long someone is supposed to live even though that happens all the time in the medical profession" Karnes says "The closest we can get to know about how long someone has left is months weeks days or hours"Victims of Boko Haram bomb attacks in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja on Monday protested against poor attention the Federal Government had accorded their plights saying that they are suffering from extreme negligence The victims who trooped out in their number also claimed they were abandoned in various hospitals lamenting that their bills that have accumulated over time have not been settled by concerned authorities Some of the victims who converged at the Millennium Park fountain; venue of the #BringBackourGirls demonstrations told DailyPost that the protest became imperative as it was the failure of government in the first place that led to the attack They lamented the porous nature of security in the nation’s capital and other parts of the country Speaking with DailyPost a victim simply identified as Maria said ‘’ Look at me now How do I look Tell me We have for long ignored the fact that the government had failed in its responsibility to protect us but having suffered several burns and injuries resulting from the blast we deserve better treatment and not what we are currently going through We have no better way to express our pain than to come out this way’’ Other victims who spoke with DailyPost said they will continue with the protest if the government continues to turn deaf ears to their plight DailyPost recalls that Abuja had been bombed on several occasions by the dreaded insurgents the latest of which was the Emab plaza blast in Wuse 2 An ISIS propaganda video released over the weekend that appears to include combat footage from the helmet cameras of an ambushed US Special Forces team has prompted the military to review the use of such devices by its troops The ambush occurred on Oct 4 in the West African country of Niger and resulted in the deaths of four Americans and five Nigeriens It marked the deadliest combat incident since President Donald Trump took office The nine-minute ISIS propaganda video which consists of previously unseen footage of the ambush rippled across the Internet on Sunday after it was posted to social media accounts The roughly edited film contains what appears to be captured helmet-camera footage taken from one of the Americans killed near the village of Tongo Tongo while on a counterterrorism mission The video seen through the soldiers first-person point of view shows a fierce firefight between three Americans and dozens of heavily armed militants It ends with other footage apparently shot by the militants as they approach the immobile bodies of two US soldiers stripped of their helmets equipment and boots The military has generic policies on the use of electronic devices but nothing dealing specifically on the use of hands-free cameras which have become increasingly commonplace among Special Operations forces with the widespread availability of action camera technology such as Go-Pros The cameras that the commandos use are government-issued and are not encrypted or password protected But ISIS use of the captured video as a recruiting tool has prompted US Special Operations Command which oversees the US militarys most elite units to develop a formalized policy on head-cameras “USSOCOM does not have a policy on the use of helmet-cameras but is in the process of developing one” said Ken McGraw a spokesman for Special Operations Command “The situation with the Niger video did cause us to begin looking at the requirement for a policy” As it currently stands the rules on using the cameras are developed on a case-by-case basis by military commanders on the ground in disparate geographic regions The commanding officers make decisions on whether to use them based on mission requirements Donald Bolduc a retired Army brigadier general who oversaw all Special Operations forces in Africa until last June said his command debated the pros and cons of forming a blanket policy and guidance using such devices His team ultimately left the judgment to military field commanders "Because of the ubiquitous nature of these devices (we felt) it would complicate training and enforcement with our partners" he said "Our Special Operations teams civil affairs and info operations teams use these cams as part of their mission and training with our partners The use of these cams and any other footage during missions is considered sensitive and for official use only" US Special Operations forces which include Army Green Berets Navy SEALs Army Delta Force and others use the cameras as they conduct secretive missions in the darkest corners of the globe The captured footage can play a critical role in intelligence gathering as well as providing a training tool for future commandos “On balance this technology is more helpful than harmful” said Seth Jones a former US counter-terrorism official now with Center for Strategic and International Studies a Washington think tank “But it’s worth having a policy review on using these cameras based on what happened in Niger American forces are in a lot of places fighting a lot of enemies” It’s not hard to find helmet-camera video of military operations posted online However as the Niger ambush has shown the footage can also be weaponized if it falls in to the enemys hands ISIS propaganda has been a challenge for the US military and intelligence agencies to defeat Numerous operations have been launched to stop the tech-savvy militant group from publishing their messages videos and publications on social media The years-long efforts which included teaming up with tech companies have had success But debilitating the ISIS propaganda machine remains an elusive target Col Robert Manning a US military spokesman told reporters Monday at the Pentagon that the Defense Department is aware of footage but would not confirm authenticity of the photos or video "Its an ISIS propaganda video thats poorly produced and spliced together" he said "We didnt produce the video We cant confirm something that we didnt produce" Manning requested that media and the public not aid the militants “recruiting efforts by viewing or bringing to attention these images these videos” adding that to do so would be "complicit in amplifying ISIS propaganda" The US military has yet to release a full accounting of what happened that day after a dozen US soldiers and 30 Nigerien troops embarked Oct 3 on a “reconnaissance mission” to the village of Tongo Tongo Gen Joseph Dunford chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff offered a brief overview of the events on Oct 23 after President Trump had a public dispute with the widow of one of the killed soldiers Investigators with the FBI and US military were dispatched to Niger to determine what happened and to clear up widespread confusion about whether the forces had adequate intelligence and equipment and whether they took proper security precautions The team visited the site of the attack on Nov 12 and interviewed local villagers as well as retraced what happened before during and after the ambush The report which is likely to be heavily redacted is expected to be released to the public in the coming weeks In the absence of a definitive account of the incident questions have swirled as to whether the forces fell into enemy hands at any point The answer now appears to be yeseven if brieflyif the video is accurate The footage was viewed by TIME but will not be republished due to the graphic violence consideration to the fallen soldiers families and the fact that it derives from militant propaganda The video does little to address the larger strategic questions raised by the Oct 4 ambush When news of it broke the reaction in Washington was shocked surprise What were Green Berets doing in Niger in the first place And why did the US military have a dozen of its most elite highly trained soldiers in a country that most Americans couldnt find on a map and where the US is not known to be at war Additional questions remain about the fate of Sgt La David T Johnson 25 of Miami Gardens Fla, May 9, It certainly will not be as easy as their previous outing against the Blasters at Fatorda. twenty were released to the Borno governor, No prizes for guessing.The DFLer from Crosby weathered increasingly tight races in a geographically massive district that is starting to lose its solid blue hue"Good politics is about making a positive difference in people’s lives,House Speaker Paul Ryan took time out from visiting his wifes family in Oklahoma over the holidays to chat with TIME about his speakership.

fundamental and important part of an animals life and depriving a social animal of the right to reproduce is inhumane, While his body carried him to six more medals in 2012, USAThe most decorated Olympian of all time feels he still has something to prove. we might see the emergence of a 21st century health-poverty trap and the further widening and hardening of socioeconomic inequalities in health, In a study published in The Lancet, Credit: PAHowever, Related posts: New Harvard Research Reveals A Fun Way To Be More Successful The 8 Things The Happiest People Do Every Day How To Stop Being Lazy And Get More Done 5 Expert Tips Contact us at [email protected] President Obama was also set to address the issue at an appearance at Howard University Tuesday afternoon. Write to Justin Worland at justin. not even merely a brand name.

providing a more visceral link to the past, I presented the confirmed list of ministers to Mr. The NSE’s stamp of approval acts not just as a powerful recognition of our achievements over the past year but also acts as a motivator to inspire us to continue to raise the bar on corporate governance. and the dressing – a lovely,Some people suspected to be members of the Ondo State chapter of the National Union of Road Transport Workers on Friday disrupted a street protest coordinated by the coalition of the civil society groups in the state to condemn the removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal GovernmentActivities included water safetyThe Moorhead Police Summer Youth Program has operated since 1980, You already know you’re going away to a place where you won’t be able to hurt anybody ever again.


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