These 4 just financing $7 billion 500 million super Unicorn has 3 common points

at present, Uber China, Lu Jin and Jingdong Finance said it will be listed in the domestic market, the listing of the agenda of Lu Jin is mentioned in the second half of this year. The only position has yet to comment on the U.S. mission, it has been rumored to be listed on the strategic emerging board, which will eventually be listed in what form, is still a mystery.

in venture capital circles, has always been the capital is that food and ammunition ". The company’s favorite comparison, but also the amount of financing and valuation. Near the lunar new year, major companies have announced their access to finance in the annual meeting or media channels. In the last week called financing week, in this week, there are only four domestic super Unicorn announced that he received a new round of financing.

‘s 4 financial "players", no maximum, only the higher

if another round of financing has made us surprised, so really surprised us is the financing of astronomical


Uber China, financing $2 billion, valued at $7 billion

January 14th, China excellent step to the interface news confirmed that its B round of financing has been completed by the end of 2015. Previously, Chinese yuho strategic leader Liu Zhen said publicly that, as of now, the global Uber and China yuho financing from China investor funds have been close to $2 billion.

, according to media reports publicly disclosed, China yuho 9 investment B round of financing, in addition to Kalanick in the China yuho and Hainan Airlines strategic cooperation conference, HNA Group, admitted by CITIC Securities, China, China Taiping Life and Guangzhou Automobile Group, including Vanke, Minsheng Bank and China broadband industry funds, and participation the Chinese yuho A round of financing Baidu Inc.

Lu Jin, financing $1 billion 200 million, valued at $18 billion 500 million

January 18th, Lu Jin announced on Friday completed $1 billion 216 million financing, including the B round investors invested $924 million A round investors and the exercise of the call option investment of $292 million, after the completion of the financing, Lu Jin reached $18 billion 500 million valuation.

Lu Jin

this round of financing received multiple orders, covering the original plan to raise the amount of excess. Bank of China Group Investment Ltd, Guotai Junan Securities (Hongkong) Co., Ltd., Minsheng Bank International Holdings Limited and a number of domestic and foreign institutional investors and corporate institutions become the financing options.

Lu Jin said in twenty-first Century January 18th chairman Ji Kui Economic Herald reporter, what time to market, listed in the domestic market or overseas, are under evaluation. "We will make the choice according to the whole development of the market, the fastest is the second half of this year."

Jingdong finance, financing $1 billion, valued at $7 billion

January 15th afternoon, the Jingdong announced the group’s Jingdong financial group A round of financing, financial Jingdong received $6 billion 650 million financing, end >


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