Senior HR tell you what entrepreneurial companies rely on poor and blank recruitment Daniel

in today’s era, talent is very important, but more important is that we are not hiring this thing really as the top priority?

dark horse says

start-up companies do not have a brand, two no resources, the uncertainty is the future of the three, to say what, only the founder of the dream and mouth. Who is the most responsible for business startups and recruitment? What about Daniel? How to build a wolf like this from the recruitment team? Xin Linlin’s speech to share, she is currently the executive partner Hugo workshop & Hugo; executive dean of business school. In drops travel, good future education and the new Hualian, Reuters, Ren group human resources director, recruitment director. Rich experience in human resources in the Internet, diversified companies and listed companies. Let’s listen to her advice.

2000 -2010, most of the recruitment can be completed through the network, with 51job, Zhaopin, excellence of such channels to find the appropriate candidates, 2000 -2005, communication will be more difficult, because at that time, many people still go to business or business unit, to a private is a hard decision for them, by 2011 -2015 in 2008, we find it necessary to recruit a lot of 80, their thinking is more active, have begun to choose work consciousness.

The development of

in the mobile Internet slow stage, Internet recruitment has relatively sufficient time, we can recruit students training, graduates the proportion of Baidu, Tencent recruit is very high. Talent market is now a good technical talent, basically in the system to develop the.

in the last two years, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to recruit. By accelerating the rise of the popularity of mobile Internet, has become difficult to find talent, and entrepreneurial environment is very good, a lot of countries to support policy, a lot of people to start their own business, you will find a good talent to find, even after 90 are not easy to find, not recruit people, especially good people but not hire you want.

I according to their own experience, summed up a number of start-up companies to recruit big bull talent points:

speed determines success or failure

you can look at your mobile phone, a year ago the APP version of the update frequency in about a month and a half, but nearly half of you will find the APP update frequency within two weeks to a month, the R & D team iterative update ability, this time if the recruitment rate can not keep up, business you may be defeated if you are ready to do business or Internet, speed is the first thing you need to consider.

at the same time, the development of computer network, cloud storage technology makes our work and communicate more and more low cost, you can easily find a good candidate information, it is unthinkable before 2010, at that time only through the network or acquaintances, or make a strange phone search, or directly to the company to dig but recently, "


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