Event marketing analysis

what is the event marketing, through planning, landscape, etc., that through the promotion of social events, interest and concern about the publicity, in order to improve visibility, improve image, event oriented, a kind of means and methods of planning and promotion.

news event marketing

at 14:28 on May 12, 2008, Sichuan, Wenchuan 7. 8 earthquake affects hundreds of millions of Chinese people’s hearts. Sina News in time to open the earthquake related topics, the first time the disaster situation, in the Internet users to establish a good website authority.

public opinion event marketing

in the collection when the earthquake occurred, the "fan" – Fan Meizhong abandoned the students regardless of the first run, and then ran out of the classroom, Tianya online claiming to be in this moment of the film, only to my daughter and I can consider themselves at the expense of other people, even my mother, I don’t care in this case, most netizens accused a coward, loss of morality, the netizen called "shameless" teachers "run faster than a rabbit" this incident forced Fan Meizhong to revoke the certificate of qualification of teacher, directly off.

event marketing campaign

"tomato garden" Microsoft is a powerful anti piracy campaign event, "gun fight bird" piracy by the national copyright administration and the Ministry of public security complaints tomato garden edition Windows XP author Hong Lei, using Microsoft Windows XP system transformation, and the spread of rampant piracy system, affect the genuine Windows XP sales, in violation of intellectual property rights and genuine software sales and market share, through this event, that the Microsoft anti piracy determination and position, the rally events affected Chinese pirated Windows XP market, including depth version, ylmf version, computer company installed version, platinum edition, home edition, garden radish, nordell speed studio edition version, will go on. Technology companies, organizations, individuals have to stop production and spread of pirated Windows XP development.

character event marketing


event marketing can be said in the entertainment industry has great influence, "star beating incident" star phone exposure incident "pornographic incident" star milk scandal "star nude event" and so on, affect the development of many stars, star scandal, caused many stars due to events and layoffs, exit the entertainment circle, there are a lot of stars through the rapid increase in popularity, a short time in the entertainment mix in the limelight.

event marketing

what happens is sudden, active, flexible. "Sichuan earthquake disaster", numerous Chinese donations to the earthquake stricken areas of the donations, corporate responsibility and social responsibility in the disaster was revealed. Donations in CCTV relief party, as China private enterprises Wang Laoji, so generous a donation of one hundred million users, mostly praised the enterprise.


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