WeChat marketing skills

said that at present most people use social software, I believe we will invariably answer WeChat". So what kind of software is WeChat WeChat is launched by the Tencent Inc to improve the class Kik free instant messaging services free chat software. Users can quickly send voice, video, pictures and text via cell phones, tablets, and web pages. WeChat provides the public platform, circle of friends, push messages and other functions, the user can shake, search number, people in the vicinity, add concerned friends and the public platform to sweep the two-dimensional code, while WeChat will help content to share with friends and exciting content to share WeChat users to see the circle of friends.

as of January 2013, the amount of registered users of WeChat has exceeded 300 million, such a huge audience, these opportunities can also be said to be huge, so how to use WeChat included features to WeChat marketing and business promotion? You may wish to look at the size of the boat media WeChat marketing tips.

WeChat features as well as other tools with different

used WeChat’s WeChat and micro-blog can understand, use environment and Tencent products is different, the use of WeChat users to use micro-blog or Tencent QQ and purpose is different. Compared with micro-blog, customer service will be more humanization and diversification in WeChat, compared with micro-blog, WeChat fans more accurate, compared with micro-blog, WeChat is more suitable for the strong relationship and the strong relationship into a flow rate and the number of orders. But micro-blog such a weak relationship platform is more suitable for promotion of marketing, more suitable for the development of new users and customers, the enterprise can grasp the micro-blog WeChat, micro-blog to do with the new customer brand promotion and development and take advantage of the weak relationship into a strong relationship with WeChat, better maintenance of these strong ties, and the strong relationship between users into orders.

boat boat WeChat media marketing five techniques

gene products based on strong Tencent, with billions of users active degree is high enough, the function attribute of WeChat itself is constantly testing and expanding its public platform, officially launched, almost all functions of mobile marketing.

a, find people near

character signature can be said to be a major feature of Tencent’s products, WeChat is also the continuation of this feature, users can update their status in the signature, the maximum use in this function is "sharing", will be their own bit by bit to share with others through the signature. The character signature naturally into mandatory advertising, contacts and friends of users will see, and the function of plug-in LBS see nearby "based on WeChat can make more logical strangers in search of interest nearby people see this mandatory advertising. This is similar to the advertisement told billboard on the road of compulsory watching, the advantages can be very effective to the vicinity of the user, to increase the audience, properly, can get high quality flow, the conversion rate is relatively high, the disadvantage is that coverage >


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