A network portal advertising strategy.

Internet advertising after more than 10 years of development has been recognized by more and more enterprises, in the face of the 2008 Olympic Games strong, Olympic portal also began intense disputes, throughout the development of Internet advertising has three broad patterns (only for network advertising channels, one is concerned) online advertising, as some enterprises running in the Tencent such as Sina, Sohu, NetEase, portal or professional website banners, pop, and other forms of antithetical couplet advertising; the two is to search marketing, such as Baidu, Google and other mainstream search engines on PPC advertising; the third is the network advertising alliance, as well, Google Adsense belong to the advertising alliance. We also derived a lot of network platform for accurate delivery on the Internet advertising advantages and disadvantages at the same time, like longtuo.com’s fine products allow enterprises to see the significance and importance of existing marketing value, how to use the platform with a small amount of money to burn the maximum value, has been the Internet advertisers, website owners, advertising companies are exploring new profit growth point.

Internet has created a lot of enterprise myth, in recent years, the scale of Internet advertising delivery also fosters the growth of a number of B2C business enterprise, currently the hottest PPG, VANCL success, where the portal for burn straw, but for a not significant Mountain Dew network (http://s.zdface.com). Advertising, a relatively accurate electricity supplier should be worthy of our thinking, makeup dot nets the cards in their hand what is


beauty network company set up to now is more than a year, fast the crowd in the well-known female vertical portals, what makes it spread so fast? I want to burn portal advertising skills must be one of the most direct beginning for the commission.

website advertising can actually follow the traditional media advertising strategy, online advertising should focus on grasping the three magic weapon:

1, lock the target audience of 2, good advertising copy 3, the implementation of the effect of monitoring

determine the basis for the success or failure of online advertising is the basis for the selection of the appropriate online advertising, advertising for you to find the best. First of all, you have to accurately lock your target audience, and then, according to your budget, find the most suitable for them to visit the online media.

after this period of time on PPG, Eslite, net advertising portal website. On the way, the following experience to share with you.

1, if the money if the portal site advertising is indeed worth investing in

a) in the portal can get a good brand value

first saw the advertisement is in the information network brings, beauty, real estate classified information channel of NetEase on the right, the information has special recommended a few months named business advertising, there are also some text link advertising, and later to the press with the right of the page text.


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