Ten years once die Fantong is fading



/@ lawyer Dong Yizhi

and I like friends like chowhound dictionary, Fantong is absolutely not the vocabulary. It was the first restaurant reservation service company in China, and it was the only one in China that can provide both Chinese and English restaurant reservation service. However, the once famous the first online ordering site, in the catering service website O2O pattern heady, vigorous growth of the occasion, suddenly drifting away, eventually disappeared in people’s field of vision.

ten years of hard work, once. Once glorious moment of the rice unification network why a flash in the pan, the sudden collapse of it? Look at the reasons, we are not so surprised at the outcome.

, catering Nova decline foreshadowing

rice unification network was founded in 2003, became famous in 2008. In June 2008, rice Unification wholly acquired Guangzhou world restaurant website, and expand the market in Tianjin and other big city, and plans to push into the Shanghai market. In July of the same year, the rice unification network received $4 million overseas venture capital, which is represented by the Japanese investment in asia.

this year, the rice unification network reached its peak, becoming the first to set foot in the restaurant reservation service industry website. Fantong will look in the group meal consumption, such as special, wedding, birthday party, business dinner, banquet, meeting, dining and other large training groups, professional catering services. To carry out early, to get a large number of enterprises of all ages, including IBM, GE, UT, INTEL, Tat and other well-known large companies. As of the end of 2009, rice unification network has covered 80 major cities in China, more than 50 restaurants, a total of more than about 16000000 consumers to provide food and beverage reservation services, spending more than $1 billion 500 million contribution.

people do not have a hundred days, no one hundred days of red flowers, rice Unification of the scenery has not lasted long. In 2010, the rise of a time group purchase mode, group purchase sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like spewing out. From the "group purchase" to "group fight", each big website to attract more consumers on the one hand can be the object of selection, to provide more preferential discounts on the one hand, the tragic thousand group war, rice Unification discount reservation single mode is not competitive.

by telephone ordering is perhaps 10 years ago, with the development of Internet technology, the telephone ordering service has been very backward. This business model was originally a lot of sites are used in the group, after experiencing the 2010 battle of thousands of groups did not fall down after the group began to expand the business began to expand the business. But Fantong in the model did not change, not around the center of this broader extension of ordering. Late rice Unification expect the acquisition of mergers and acquisitions industry peers or other, but basically has become a dead end, which can take a breath of wind ordering website


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