Guangdong Telecom broadband access number DC thorough investigation of alleged violations

      July 8th report: Recently, China IDC circle reported continuous Guangdong Telecom, Huizhou, Zhuhai and other places to focus on the consolidation of the telecommunications market, the reporter multi contact, the event has the latest developments.

It is reported that

, the rectification is mainly due to the Guangdong Telecom Branch Company of Huizhou management irregularities, rectification are found in a variety of violations, mainly involving low-cost secretly signed agreement with IDC company, IDC resources are leased to broadband wholesalers without ISP documents, mass transfer circuit, the existence of "false true Internet access" behavior, business data and resource data does not match the situation.

for the above violations, Guangdong Telecom Company in June 14th has been a comprehensive cessation of the admissibility of the IDC branch of the Huizhou business and open resources. The reorganization involving Guangzhou Fu network science and technology limited company, Guangzhou Haoman Computer Technology Co. Ltd and several IDC companies, involved in illegal access bandwidth more than IP10000 50G, Feng ting.

reporter comments:

low price agreement, a license to operate, false access to the Internet, such as the behavior of seemingly covert, in fact, has become the industry as a whole IDC familiar hidden rules, has become the core interests of the survival and development of many IDC companies in the early stages of development. IDC is a low prices, by reselling resources for the industry, who can get a lower price from the operator, will win more profit space, which directly caused the problem of IDC industry vicious competition, the current price homogeneity serious.

as the development of the IDC industry big province, the Guangdong Telecom reorganization will undoubtedly break many IDC companies because it has a tremendous impact on the South China IDC market, also sounded the alarm for the entire IDC industry, IDC industry has to must get rid of the resources for the development stage.