Delete posts paid Beijing interactive word-of-mouth marketing planning company executives jailed for

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Beijing reputation interactive marketing planning Co., Ltd., and the three executives of the company, as Xinhua insurance and country garden and other companies to provide paid delete posts business, illegal profits of more than 21 yuan. Yesterday morning, the Chaoyang Court sentenced to the crime of illegal business operation of the company fined 200 thousand yuan, three company executives, Yang Fei Li Jinfu and Yang Xueping for the same crime were jailed for 1 and a half years to 1 years 4 months. It is reported that the case is the last case against the Ministry of public security network rumors special action.

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word of mouth interactive company is a well-known Internet marketing planning company. Yang Fei, Li Jinfu, and respectively, in the reputation of the company as general manager, deputy director of public relations and public relations duties as director of the office of the company, respectively, in the role of the company. The investigation, from 2012 to 2013, the company repeatedly through the network to the Zengcheng City Garden Property Development Company Limited and China Life Insurance Limited by Share Ltd to provide paid delete information services, operating a total amount of 21.8 yuan.

trial, Yang Fei, who confessed that, for the customer to pay delete posts is the unspoken rules of the industry, for the customer to delete the information, the company will not verify the authenticity of the general. The company’s customers are mainly large domestic enterprises, and most of the listed companies. Before the incident, the company’s average annual operating income in Qibaqianwan yuan.

court believes that the defendant unit of the company’s reputation for providing information to delete the behavior of illegal business. Yang Fei, Li Jinfu, as the defendant in charge of the unit, the Department is directly responsible for the personnel in charge of direct participation in the implementation of the Department, the Department of the direct responsibility of the staff, the behavior of the three constitute the crime of illegal business operations.

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, the court sentenced the defendant to a fine of 200 thousand yuan; Yang Fei, Li Jinfu sentenced to imprisonment for 1 years and 6 months, fined $40 thousand and sentenced to imprisonment of 1 years and 4 months in prison, a fine of $20 thousand. After the verdict, Yang Fei said the appeals court, Li Jinfu and Yang Xueping are said to consider.

one after the first sentence on bail

according to the verdict, Yang Xueping in February 15th will be released from prison, but because Yang Fei clearly appeal means to appeal after the expiration of the final verdict, the verdict is not effective. So Yang Xueping can go home on time?

in this regard, the trial judge WanBing explained that in the first trial but not yet effective sentence has expired cases, to protect the legitimate rights of the accused, should also be released, and will not be postponed due to the holidays. Because the decision has not yet entered into force, the court will usually apply for bail formalities for Yang Xueping. In addition, the second instance court, Yang Xueping also need to appear in court.

release case verdict is not retroactive

hearing, Yang Fei said the per capita, in September 2013 the introduction of two high judicial interpretation clearly paid posts operating amount reached more than 150 thousand yuan can be held criminally liable, "he