see three models of rural e-commerce

Tongyu county is located in the west of Jilin Province, Horqin grassland in the east border, 45 degrees north latitude, three big black land "in the black soil region of Northeast China" world only, belongs to the world recognized gold producing grains and beans.

is in such a remote county, it is hard to imagine Sun Hongjun, the county Party Secretary and mayor Yang Xiaofeng wrote a letter to the national consumers, letters called "an open letter to Taobao users, Taobao Juhuasuan and hang on the home page, the contents of the letter is long, I have three main points to do that.

first, Tongyu county will use e-commerce to fully implement the "direct origin" plan, through online shopping will be originating in Tongyu high-quality grains and beans transported to the country, the consumer’s table.

second, the formation of the Tongyu agricultural e-commerce development center ", and" three thousand Wo "commissioned by the Tmall flagship store as the designated shop, the" standardization of selling operation unified brand, unified packaging, unified standards and quality ".

third, the Tongyu county government plans next year, the union, the "three thousand grain" in accordance with the pre-sale mode planning and construction of the electricity supplier of direct sales base of 2 million acres, to make Tongyu become a national consumer black land.

Three models of

rural e-commerce

Alibaba Research Center predicted that this year’s agricultural products trading market on Taobao will reach 50 billion, the number of agricultural products is expected to exceed the number of online stores is expected to exceed 100, and is expected to trade next year will exceed 100 billion. If last year is fresh (independent B2C enterprise) the first year, this year is the first year of e-commerce in rural areas, the difference is that the former focuses on the market operation of independent businesses, rely on the capital; the latter emphasis on county government and support by the government’s credibility, but still rely on the third party e-commerce subject independent operation.

just 1 years of development, today has formed the prototype of the model of the three rural e-commerce:

is the first model of Suichang, take the platform of the road.

understandable, Taobao plays an important role in promoting rural electronic dream, in particular, the focus of the project features China has an irreplaceable role.

Suichang is located in Zhejiang Lishui City, Suichang County Museum is the first museum of agricultural products on the line at the beginning of this year, its core distribution platform in a unique maitelong, great cohesion with the government’s strong support and their own system, "and the net" collection of local thousand small sellers and seek common development. They provide professional training service for more than 1000 loose and not standard professional small sellers, unified integration of upstream supply and formulate procurement standards, by the "Sui net" professional team for unified management, the line is in accordance with the unified packaging, unified distribution, unified customer service standard operation, more like Suichang is an area of ShoppingMall, they are a service provider, the sale is "standard".