SAC intends to use three years to build a national network monitoring platform

as long as you do not apply for a business license, real name is no problem. In fact, many trading platform behind the real name system has been." For the newly introduced shop management approach, Taobao sellers Wang said he was happy to accept.

June 1st, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce officially announced the "Interim Measures for the management of online commodity trading and related services" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"). Among them, engaged in online transactions of personal real name authentication made a clear provision, and provide a platform for online trading platform operators put forward a series of requirements.

it is reported that, taking into account the limitations of the traditional regional regulatory approach, SAIC is planning to adopt a national network of Internet transactions integrated supervision. State Administration for Industry and Commerce official said, plans to use 3 years to build a national unity, unified and integrated, fully functional, the upper and lower linkage of network regulatory information systems and platforms.

from China e-commerce (electronic business channel) research center survey data show: by the end of December 2009, China’s large-scale e-commerce website total has reached 1.75, is expected to total e-commerce sites in 2010 to more than 2.5. As for the total number of Chinese online shop is currently not an authoritative official statistics, according to the president is looking forward to the advice of the estimates, about 300.

Lv Bowang believes that the introduction of the measures will further enhance the threshold of e-commerce companies. E-commerce technology threshold is actually very low." Lu pointed out that, in particular, the recent B2C entrepreneurship is particularly hot, the future will increase the demand for operators.

industry agrees with

this time from the national level to do online real name I think it is a good thing." Taobao sellers Wang told reporters, for buyers, if you see the store is the real name and certification, trust will certainly improve. This is good for the integrity of the shop is very favorable."

"means" twenty-second stipulates that for natural persons to provide trading, trading platform to "mark issued proof of personal identity information is true and lawful, loaded in its commodity trading or service activities on the web page."

is different from two years ago, for the release of this new approach, Wang in his circle of friends did not hear the voices of fierce opposition. He believes that there are two reasons: first, there is no mandatory requirements to the business sector for business license, second is a large online shopping platform has actually implemented real name system.

Tao spokesman told reporters that the real name system and other terms is has been doing, for example in the Taobao online shop, is to go through the three party authentication, the seller in the sale of commodities, must by uploading a bank card, ID copy, and submit to the banking system and the Ministry of public security to identify".

Tencent pat Network also told reporters that pat Network has been the implementation of the real name management. Before opening the shop, the user must submit personal identity to pat Network