n November 28, 1990, the Chinese officially registered top-level domain name.CN

November 28, 1990, Qian Tianbai on behalf of China in SRT (Internet’s predecessor) for the first time to register the top-level domain name CN, and in foreign countries to establish a CN domain name server. Qian Tianbai’s knowledge to keep the Internet on a space for one person for the Chinese people to the China domain — not to let foreigners registered.

money Tianbai is Wuxi, 1963 with an average score of 92 was admitted to the Tsinghua University Department of radio, has served as vice chairman of the Asia Pacific region, China group Internet Heart Association Working Committee of the State Council Informatization Leading Group of information security expert group members, Chinese Internet Information Deputy director. Died in Beijing in May 8, 1998.

September 20, 1987, Tianbai money through the Internet forward "the West University of Karlsruhe China first email –" across the Great Wall, to the world ".