Q & a community QuizUp Tencent Sequoia $22 million


QuziUp is an online quiz game community, a few weeks ago just landed on the iOS platform, the current user has more than 5 million. At the same time, QuziUp also recently obtained from Tencent (483.2, 14, real-time quotes) and Sequoia total $22 million B round of investment.

QuizUp logic is very simple, after you select a field, can be randomly with QuziUp or Challenge game player battle, your Facebook/Game Center/Contacts/QuziUp friends, a round of 10 problems, both real time PK (pictured), right after the end of the war will be integral to obtain the corresponding points, the more the higher ranking also, the system is provided with 54 medals. Covering 300 topics, over 200 thousand questions. Unlike other quiz games, in QuziUp you can even find the "ice and fire song", "the division of life," and other very minor themes.


just a few weeks there will be such a rapid increase in the user, thanks to the community attributes of QuziUp, users can talk with strangers or friends, on a particular topic of war, very interesting. It is reported that QuizUp players spend their time on the application of the time about 30 minutes, the team said: the user will play the game, view the theme, send messages to friends and participate in community discussions." Up to now, the cumulative number of messages QuizUp has more than 11 million. The future will launch Android version.