The domain registrar GoDaddy attacked millions of website downtime

September 11th news, according to foreign media reports, the domain name and web hosting service provider GoDaddy downtime today. Hundreds of thousands of websites have been implicated, unable to provide services.

GoDaddy’s official Twitter account on Monday issued a document saying, state Alert: we have been informed that the site visit difficult. We’re trying to fix it." Company customer service phone is also set to automatically reply, said the mail service has found problems.

is expected to use all of the GoDaddy domain name resolution services will be affected. The e-mail and telephone service provided by the company can not continue to use.

A member of the

hacking group, Anonymous, claimed responsibility for the incident and said the attack did not represent the entire organization. But with the Anonymous related Twitter account @AnonOpsLegion said, use or support Godaddy, is to support the detention of the internet."

In 2011

proposed "SopA (SOPA)" and "Intellectual Property Protection Act" (PIPA) has caused many companies to network personal user rights and concerns about their business, many enterprises industry has been opposed, but GoDaddy of the two proposed laws expressed support. (