Adsense network broadcast WeChat out of the sword governance circle of friends can not think of the

1 WeChat sword governance circle of friends "centesimate" social ecological purification  

March 15th, WeChat in the International Consumer Rights Day homeopathic release of WeChat circle of friends to use the specification (hereinafter referred to as the norm), and on-line WeChat security center official micro-blog and public accounts. This nearly 6000 words of the specification, involving the contents of the specification, behavioral norms, data use norms, payment standards and related penalties mechanism.

specifically, the "norm" in the circle of friends in the infringement, pornography and pornography, gambling, violence, edge Mafia, advertising content has been clearly defined; the powder brush, plug-in behavior such as a clear specification; and the illegal phenomenon formed a formal treatment guidelines.

this means that WeChat’s circle of friends in the content of the laissez faire into strict control. Yuan Jun, President of mantle advertising, told reporters that the purpose of WeChat’s move there are three: first, to combat excessive marketing; the two is responsible for the health of public opinion on the social platform; the three is to strengthen copyright protection."

2 minon "domain" 3 letter words: domain name trading market rose to become the mainstream investment?  

news March 16th, recently, the 3 letter domain name frequently traced to the transaction, and respectively in the overseas sold for $136400 (about 850 thousand yuan), $18109 (about 110 thousand yuan) price of 140 thousand yuan, Li Mei sold,,,, have been trading. 3 letter domain name trading market, to become the mainstream of investment, and now we have to listen to the domain name investors are how to look at it.

3 letter domain potential

3 letter domain name, simple and easy to remember, meaning many, establishment of unrestricted, many domain name in the eyes of investors, is a good product phase, with the investment potential of the good domain, especially in the 2 letter domain name COM universal million started, high current, with 7 figures with the best 2 letter domain name Benz believes that "3 letters should still have more potential for the future of the market is not too high, meaning more. 2 letters have been 4489 start, the three letter is really a good choice".

3 universal Taobao new usage: spend the money of 270 thousand people to build a tourist attraction  


is no ordinary people know a few years, but all the chips this traditionally used to support creative products have been some form of fundraising, you play bad: Jingdong want to use it to solve the problem of the spring; QQ music to use it to the publicity program; ordinary people use it to teach you how to making more delicious potato salad……

and Taobao has recently been the public to raise the success of a three


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