Mobile phone Taobao to 12 print push Amoy code to test the water media business

sina science and technology news on April 1st morning news, Alibaba today through the mobile phone Taobao and the country’s 12 major newspapers strategic cooperation on the code Amoy line. Amoy on the code is to provide technical support and business support by the Alibaba group, and by the third party logistics distribution. In this cooperation, the reader simply open the phone Taobao, scanned in the newspaper on the relevant goods Taobao code, you can complete the purchase order and payment on the phone link.

Alibaba relevant responsible person said, in the future, whether it is new release, or brand clear inventory activities, we are likely to choose the newspaper as the starting platform. Newspaper using electricity supplier of the commodity library, access to third party payment and logistics system, to provide readers with more value-added services, thereby obtaining transaction flow into.

it is understood that the participation of strategic cooperation on the code Amoy, there were from Beijing ("Beijing News", "JINGWAH" (Shanghai times), "Oriental Morning Post", "Morning News"), Guangzhou ("Southern Metropolis Daily", "Guangzhou daily"), "Qianjiang Evening News" in Hangzhou, "City Express", Chengdu ("Huaxidoushibao", "Chengdu daily"), Ji’nan ("Qilu Evening News", "Ji’nan times") 12 major metropolitan newspapers such as the six big city. Data from plum blossom show that the average daily circulation of these 12 media total of nearly ten million copies.

Analysis of

industry, this form of cooperation can make more goods and brands, with the newspaper that the carrier directly into the city community and the people, families, and newspapers through the commodity flow into new profit model.

School of Journalism and communication, Peking University associate professor Hu Yong commented: urban media have been looking for the direction of the transformation, the cooperation with Alibaba, is a meaningful effort, helps the newspaper to find new space and new growth point. And electricity supplier is essentially a service industry, how to attract users, increasing user stickiness has accumulated more experience, which also provides more reference for the media transformation. "

other mobile Internet observers believe that the code Amoy process, the value of the newspaper will be revalued, the future will become an important part of the integration of e-commerce supply chain". Through the cooperation with e-commerce, newspapers to provide value-added services platform, it is possible to make the reader structure of the newspaper becomes more diversified, to avoid the reader’s "age fault". In this process, the newspaper industry, there may be reform and restructuring. (Yangtze)


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