Google launched a low-key can display a variety of search results page

Beijing on June 28th news, according to foreign media reports, Google may launch a new site, Google tried to design a variety of channels can be integrated search user interface".

although the page has been Google logo, but is still 404 pages. The new site also need WWW to run properly. Of course, is not ready yet.

Google may be launched this morning, the full name is "What do love?" (ie, (you). When a user enters an entry in the wdyl search box, displays the results of multiple Google products on a single page. search button is also a lovely heart-shaped.

for example, if the user with the meaning of "love" entries when performing a search results page will show the love and the love of a picture, patent, Google trend of love, love the video, how to express love in different languages, books about love.

but from the search results appear in Gmail, calendar, Chrome and some other Google products can be seen, is more as a Google product promotion tool, rather than a practical search tool. Each product has a button below the window, click the button can be directly into the service.


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