Wang Jianlin Ma cooperation first step Wanda cinema settled Alipay

every reporter Tao force from Shanghai

in the day before the Chinese economic person of the year awards ceremony, Wang Jianlin sentence "I’ll talk to Ma cooperation to the outside world is full of expectations, the two giants of cooperation the curtain has been opened.

yesterday (December 18th), "daily economic news" reporter learned from the Alipay, Wanda cinema has entered the public service platform of Alipay wallet, and sonic tickets. As long as the user is concerned about Alipay wallet "Wanda movie public number, you can apply for online seat selection, booking and other services on the inside, but can use Alipay wallet sonic admission tickets.

at present, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shenzhen Wanda cinema has taken the lead in supporting the technology, and Wanda cinema has also become the first from the ticket, pick the seat to take the ticket to move the entire theater.


related sources, the next will cover more to the city as soon as possible. "Our platform is completely open, every home cinema can be directly opened, the access Wanda just to test the water, Jin Yi cinema and other theaters will soon be on the line."

has reached an intention with more than a dozen theaters

Alipay released data show that the current Alipay wallet has nearly 100 million subscribers, this is undoubtedly in the mobile phone terminal to Wanda cinema has brought enormous potential consumer groups.

compared with other mobile phone movie ticket application, Wanda cinema and Alipay wallet cooperation further. At present, 9 Wanda cinema Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have supported the acoustic payment tickets, while Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing and other places of Wanda cinema will also in late December in succession on the line, which marks the mobile application of cinema consumption a step forward.

although a few years ago to achieve mobile phone to buy movie tickets, but the user experience of mobile application film consumption is only limited to this, to get the ticket link, is still the traditional way, only by manual for a machine. Sonic ticket is not the same, the entire process is completed by the mobile technology, allowing users to experience the film consumer mobile experience from the ticket extension to take votes.

public data show that this year China film market development is very rapid, the annual growth rate of 30% to 40%, the box office revenue is expected to reach 22 billion yuan, after the United States to become the world’s second largest movie market. The continuous expansion of the market size of the cinema ticket service efficiency put forward higher requirements. With the advent of mobile Internet technology to turn around the increasingly urgent demand.

The Alipay

sources, the company has reached more than and 10 with big cinema stationed Alipay wallet intentions, these cinemas will realize mobile booking, seat selection, tickets, membership management and marketing services. We are stepping up the development of electronic ticket approach wireless verification technology, early next year, the user does not need to go to the cinema to get a paper ticket, as long as the waiter to scan the phone will be able to approach."

compete for mobile payment market

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