2010 Henan second nternet Conference held in Zhengzhou

Admin5 station network October 25th news, 2010 second Henan Internet Conference held in Zhengzhou Youth Palace of culture, the Zhengzhou Youth Federation, Henan network alliance, Internet entrepreneurs club, sponsored by the Henan Sina, Baidu, micro-blog, Tencent, Sohu alliance enterprise QQ company with a fast network era Albert, civic science and technology unit from Henan local contractors, a total of more than and 300 companies and more than 1200 Internet practitioners came to the scene, including Henan’s oldest master Li Yubin (77 years old), the youngest of the 95 after the owners Zhang Yi Jie (14 years old), to share in the Internet industry experience, explore the new trend of the future development of the Internet, e-commerce, mobile internet.

the conference theme of "vertical development", from the general manager of sina Henan Feng Linhui, driving the home of President Wang Ye, mouth technology general manager Du Hongchao, fast group network general manager Yang Yan, Dong Qinfeng, founder of the laggards ylmf’s website 915 mobile phone network operations director Guo Ji tongwang.com Jun, general manager Wang Tong, founder of the world Wang Pengfei, senior manager of Baidu alliance Ma Guolin and other guests bring segments of different experiences of the whole Sohu micro-blog micro-blog live on the conference.

is the largest agricultural province of Henan, the Internet industry is not backward, there are well-known webmaster statistics, drive download, games, music website, website leader and medicine, machinery, coal, iron and steel, agricultural products and other industries, there are many go out of Henan the biggest names in the internet. Henan Internet practitioners also hopes to find a new breakthrough in the industry, by the Zhengzhou Youth Federation, Henan network alliance, sina Henan together launched Internet Conference is such a common exchange learning platform.

in the keynote session, Baidu Search Technology Engineer Wang Tao, founder of Dong Qinfeng, out of the world network founder Wang Pengfei respectively for search engine optimization, website operation packaging, wireless Internet topics in a keynote speech.

Wang Wang, general manager of Wang Tong conducted a network marketing, network to make money in the keynote speech, for everyone to bring a number of ways to get the profit through the network. He noted that, in the Internet industry as soon as possible if you want to make a profit, thoughts and ideas is the most important, such as the real-life trading way to network, rely on their own network will sell products to customers, as long as the customer is the real needs of the East West will be willing to pay to buy, and pure relying on click advertising and display advertising profit model for individual webmaster, has become increasingly unrealistic. Another point of execution is also very important, if you really want to rely on the Internet to achieve their dreams must be reverse thinking, will be split into short-term goals and long-term goals with the help of the most effective tools to achieve their goals, step by step.

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Roundtable, from Yanhuang network technology manager Guan Peng 915 mobile phone network operations director Guo Jijun Dong Qinfeng, founder of the laggards webmaster > miscellaneous


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