Forbes CANN should not launch unlimited top-level domain name

International Trademark Association (International Trademark Association) CEO Alan · Drusen (Alan C.Drewsen) on Friday in the online edition of "Forbes" wrote that the ICANN (ICANN) should not rush to launch a limited number of generic top-level domain name, otherwise it will bring additional cost of maintenance of the brand, and lead consumers to face greater risks on the internet.

below is the full text of the article:

June 19th, hundreds of delegates from all walks of life will gather in Singapore to attend the ICANN meeting. This is the second meeting of the global domain name authority this year.

is widely expected, ICANN will vote to approve a project to launch an unlimited number of generic top-level domain names (such as.Com or.Org). Make it possible for people to apply, build and operate any new generic top-level domains (e.g..Green or.Sports).

new top-level domain name can provide potential new business and new opportunities for all types of organizations. For example, the brand owners can apply for.Brand domain name, thereby strengthening the control of the image of the network.

however, despite the ICANN detailed description of the plan, the new gTLDs demand evidence is very scarce, and consumers of generic top-level domain names in the past ten years the launch of the reaction is poor, the penetration rate is low. What’s more, companies must now face huge costs for the project.

has a lot of internal systems in recent years suffered network security issues, which also shows that the Internet users of all kinds – there are legitimate, but also illegal. The Internet is always not a lack of bad elements to carry out illegal activities. In the current system has nearly 300 top-level domain, the brand owners must be widely monitored in the Internet, register and maintain their own trademarks. The introduction of a large number of new generic top-level domain will only increase the complexity and cost. For organizations that want to protect their network image, maintain brand consistency, and enhance the user’s online experience, it will also give them greater security challenges.

for example, regardless of size, domain name registration is still a common problem facing all kinds of organizations and enterprises. Domain names registered through the registration and sale of misleading name for profit, thus undermining the efforts to establish the reputation of well-known brands.

, for example, have you ever had a surprise visit to spelling’s Web site? Cybersquatters have used this error to attract traffic to your site. Once misled, the user may be subject to a variety of injuries, including the purchase of counterfeit products to be cheated, or download malicious software leads to personal identity information stolen, and even computer infected. This behavior will lead to decline in corporate revenue, brand value is destroyed, and consumers are placed in the risk of >


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