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recently, Mr. Lu Zhenwang launched a "local life O2O industry competitiveness analysis report" (hereinafter referred to as the "local O2O report"), the small West just read half, write such a deeply felt that this report is indeed great difficulty. But in respect, Xiao Xi also think some aspects can report more thoroughly some points, just below the O2O film on the direction of their views on three points (some basic data will not repeat them).


, currently doing the movie O2O game player has 5, the United States Mission opal, time network, Guevara, Taobao and WeChat. The current positioning of the five, the characteristics of the current look is still more obvious.

first said why not put the watercress. The reason is very simple, have the ticket sold watercress Tencent Gaopeng, Gaopeng also handed over to the WeChat, WeChat may be handed over to the public comment to the operation team. So, now we say watercress movie, just say community, there is no electricity supplier O2O.

if we take the bean, the United States Mission opal, time network: a comparison of words, you will find their location and characteristics are so different. From the group oriented, watercress oriented mainly to small movie lovers, the United States Mission opal is facing the majority of the film time network consumers, more is a website from the film industry; industrial chain, watercress and more time network media community links, while the United States will focus on transactions in cat’s eye.

interested students can look at several sites on the /APP, pick a few movies to see their scores will understand the small West said above. Remember in the "time" has just released, watercress score is very low (should be 3 points up and down), but in the United States on the cat’s eye score can reach 7 points. Similarly, "your dinner in the watercress score is not high, but the score reached 8.8 points in the United States on the cat’s eye. From the point of view, you can see the different platforms of different qualities. If you just say the media / community, you can say that this is a different taste; but if we discuss the electricity supplier at the same time, it will be reflected in the volume and the amount of the transaction on the huge difference.

in addition to the United States Mission opal, characteristic time network and Guevara obviously, shortcomings are also very prominent.

time network said, industry influence is indeed strong, but obviously greater than the electricity supplier attributes of media properties. Development time is not short, but the scale is limited in the ticketing level. Guevara again soon, before the tiger sniffing article specifically said its development situation, but since then, the movement is not much. It is estimated that Guevara is currently in the development of Shanghai is indeed good, can account for 15% of local ticketing, but outside of Shanghai, the impact of a sharp decline in the Guevara. It is said that Guevara should have been able to get an investment, for him, how to cover a larger area as soon as possible is the next biggest problem.

said, the perfect mission opal time network, several independent play > Guevara


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