People immediately push the search tool to grab votes cited hot

comprehensive Xinhua news agency Xinhua whirling grab votes plug-in occasion, immediately launched a search tool to grab votes, causing hot. Xinhua micro commented yesterday commented that the people’s daily search to grab tickets immediately, the information submitted directly to the day to get rid of. On the other, users reflect Jinshan, Qihoo and other plug-ins can be used. Ticket holders to stop whether the railway sector has yet to say.

grab votes plug-in, tools, assistant, "don’t ask"…… No matter how the first renovation, grab votes essence has not changed, hard to get a vote not less embarrassed. During the Spring Festival, the railway sector will become a target for all, wretched. Why not learn to civil aviation, the implementation of the ticket market? Sometimes it is difficult to buy tickets, why the public does not criticize civil aviation?

Railway Transportation Bureau responsible person yesterday in response to why not as civil aviation, the launch of the social forces organization ticket, said the railway ticketing and civil aviation. Civil aviation is a "point to point", such as Beijing to Wuhan is direct, how many seats on the number of tickets sold, the source is simple.

railway ticket is dynamic, such as Beijing to Wuhan train, people sit to the end point, it was alight, there are people from the middle of the car seat, changing. Moreover, a train can not only sell tickets to Beijing to Wuhan, but also to Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Zhengzhou and other places to stop all the votes.

therefore, a train through the Railway Bureau, the station unified coordination. This is much more complex than the civil aviation ticketing.

answer the question of how the migrant workers do not go online, the Ministry of Railways Transportation Bureau official said, as well as railway telephone booking, and online booking is also 20 days in advance pre-sale. Now communication is developed, the majority of migrant workers have mobile phones, call more convenient.

now, about 35% of the total number of ticket sales, telephone sales of about 4%, so many migrant workers can telephone booking.

addition, the railway sector has further reduced the threshold for migrant workers to apply for a group ticket, in principle, more than 10 people can apply, part of the railway bureau to further reduce the number of restrictions.

for the network, telephone booking why two days earlier than the window? The Ministry of Railway Transport Bureau relevant responsible person said, the implementation of online and telephone booking window ticket pre-sale period earlier than 2 days, mainly to guide you to more the way ticket, reduce the past in railway stations and outlets window day and night queuing phenomenon, create a more comfortable environment for passengers to buy tickets.


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