Pornography, children should not, 18 ban on the era of attention

      Internet pornography? Most of the content of this article is not to touch it, I would like to talk about the attention, but it happens that the title party is an interpretation of this attention, I also tried to do a title party". What is attention? I believe everyone will have their own understanding. Now I am sure that he is a very important thing: advertisers hope you occasionally to concentrate their attention on his advertising, so he designed a beautiful picture, full of wit and humour plot…… The professors through the eyes to observe whether students in his lecture note; and we are traveling on the Internet, in the ocean of information seeking those interested in, and then click on the title, "halo, the title of the party".
      to some extent, the title is in order to win the attention of the existence, but the title of the party is a misreading of attention. Perhaps the statistics therefore have a larger number, but not because of the relevant content to the reader, will feel the poison of non precision marketing. However, in certain circumstances, there are exceptions, if you can prove that the title of interested people, even if the content is not coherent, also the content of your interest (i.e., 79% people will love this title love sports content). Under such circumstances, the title of the party or its significance. In the vast majority of cases, however, this is a misreading of attention.
      attention economy produce
      attention is more and more attention in the recent more than and 10 years, products are becoming more and more rich, we dazzling, didn’t know what to focus on where. Businesses take advantage of more promotions to attract our attention, because attention is the premise of purchase. Variety of products is only one aspect of information overload caused by lack of attention. It is a matter of attention has attracted more and more attention, Thomas · and John · Davenport; Beck wrote a book called "attention economy" books, through observation of attention to help enterprises to improve the internal and external attention problems.
      the focus of the book is defined as follows: attention is focused on the spirit of a particular information. When all kinds of information come into our consciousness, we focus on one particular item, and then decide whether to take action. Attention is a prerequisite for action, is seen and heard (touch) the next key link.
      to continue through the Internet, for example, we browse news, look at the title of numerous people, there are always some special attract our attention, for attention in the experiment, similar.


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