The paper can not contain the fire Kuailu payment has not simply deal with

recently, "Chinese Economic Weekly" published by Kuailu as the protagonist of the original report: Chairman of the board of directors Xu Qi was accused of misappropriation of company assets 60 million. At present, Kuailu payment event continues for 5 months. With Xu Qi three out of three, the misappropriation of funds 60 million raise a Babel of criticism of the mystery finally opened, and Kuailu in the past 150 days has been claimed to do work in honor of maintaining stability, thanked Xu Qi before efforts, especially Xu Qi and Shi Jianxiang appointed solely responsible for the people, he is the most trusted person how can, overnight become a liar? It is in one’s own face. Don’t Kuailu money so fool? Everyone can easily share a cup of soup? A series of moves of the 5 months is more to the industry and the 200 thousand investors do a drama, from escalating infighting to Shi Jianxiang’s harem fighting, Kuailu in financial circles, the drama is following continued staged.

change soup: the establishment of the president to do, but can not cure the disease

August 9th, Kuailu released "Shanghai Kuailu investment group company notice" on the same day at the deer was established to honor the work of investor group, founded by Shi Jianxiang as head of the 13 payment and stability work group. Kuailu group announced the new leadership will implement the 7.25 meeting of 20 billion pledged assets to achieve security, to honor the work of 16 months. At the same time, Kuailu decided to withdraw from the board of directors, the establishment of the president’s office, the establishment of president responsibility system.

but many investors have found that the payment list does not open group Kuailu group chairman of the board of directors Xu Qi. In fact, in July 25th, the group announced that Xu Qi was removed from the Kuailu Kuailu Investment Management Committee on behalf of the event, replaced by Zhang Lei. According to media reports, Xu Qi is gradually withdraw Kuailu group affairs, and in August 14th, Kuailu departments responsible person revealed to the "China Economic Weekly" media, lawyers have verified Xu Qi misappropriation of company 60 million yuan of property that will prosecute and punish is embezzlement of property of Xu Qi.


allows investors to doubt, Xu Qi stock three whether he embezzled 60 million provide some opportunities? Kuailu group Shi Jianxiang on Xu Qi’s "no trust"? It makes many investors wonder Kuailu internal management so confused, whether to honor the work can be completed successfully? Xu Qi embezzled 60 million incident, whether can reveal Kuailu payment puzzle


for the outside world, the revocation of the board of directors and the establishment of the president does not have any practical significance. Before and during the reign of Xu Qi, while the board of directors, a special honor group, while love honor group, while the CMC, the name changed one after another, in fact, is a superficial reform, is not cure! Every time there will be a name change, or a list of "wanted", will be the first time out of Kuailu it is their own harm, Shi boss blind, kept baiwenhang. The fact is it really? This is not a distraction and delay the war now? "


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