Buy the industry reshuffle began to result or left the king

buy the industry reshuffle began the results or left is king

e-commerce whirlwind bubble quickly, too quickly. A few months ago, group purchase website for development between the lack of talent is now undermining each other, mutual looting and war became an instant internal layoffs war.

has not only exposed the Wo Wo Group layoffs storm, beauty group, happy network group purchase business shrink layoffs adjustment, Gaopeng is massive layoffs of hundreds of people (see B45), the other group purchase business website also began to adjust.

obviously, layoffs are not only the case in the industry, but is becoming a common phenomenon in the industry, industry issues have begun to focus on the outbreak.

Bo, its sudden. The "thousand side", disorderly competition, do not pay attention to the market culture; revenue is generally poor, but is keen to expand the scale; in the hope of listing and financing in the capital market, but cold. These factors are likely to lead to the rapid growth of group buying website to shrink rapidly.

revenue is generally poor, money apparently is the primary cause of the group purchase industry layoffs.

to friends as an example, in terms of investment, according to the Groupon prospectus, as of March 31st this year, the Gaopeng investment amounted to only $3 million 220 thousand. This is much lower than previous Groupon commitment to a total investment of $50 million. According to the agreement, the total amount of investment of the Tencent and other Chinese investors Yunfeng fund should be $50 million.

group purchase network is apparently the "burning machine". According to Marbridge consulting data, Google and Baidu Gaopeng each month in advertising spending is more than 15 million yuan, only a figure equivalent to half of the monthly sales, this is not the site of the rent, labor, taxes and other costs. Founded at the beginning of each month "burn" Gaopeng’s money in the tens of millions of dollars.

Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that in 2 years, the rapid development of group purchase website, has been from the original meituan and manzuo several development to today’s more than 5 thousand. The emerging industry of the unknown and huge potential opportunities for each buckle down on the market a large investment: in 2011, the U.S. group net advertising budget is 130 million yuan, rice net 200 million yuan, Groupon is as high as 550 million yuan.

as for profit, although the Group buy site for the first time in the industry, but so far there is no profit, relying on venture capital. Even according to the U.S. mission network released their own data, the U.S. mission to get the highest in the industry less than 10% of the gross margin (gross margin refers to the group purchase website group purchase website from a transaction cost into marketing management regardless of income), according to its 2011 sales target of 1 billion 600 million yuan to count, the gross profit is only 100 million yuan.

limited income and investment, so that the site is hard to support the group buying, the competition may only be the last remaining king".

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