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webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 17th news, Sohu and Sogou today announced a strategic cooperation with Tencent. Tencent to Sogou inject $448 million, and the Tencent’s soso business and other related assets into Sogou immediately after the completion of the transaction, Sogou 36.5% shares fully diluted Tencent, and the Tencent stake will increase to around 40% in the near future.

this is the second times Zhaozhui sogou. Three years ago, Sogou from Sohu split, had by the Alibaba. In July last year the two sides do, then Sogou $237 million valuation. Sogou CEO had said in an internal e-mail: with the strategic upgrade Sogou, we expect the group is difficult to continue to strengthen the strategic level Sogou Sogou support". Alibaba quit more than a year later, the speculation about where to go Sogou has never stopped. All kinds of rumors, the first protagonist is 360, and sometimes Baidu will debut, and occasionally Tencent figure will appear. But eventually Tencent search business for $448 million + price, in exchange for a 40% stake in sogou. Sogou valuation at about 1 billion 200 million.

this is Zhang Zhaoyang said: in fact, when we talk about the beginning of the year when the confidentiality of Tencent to do a good job, so the outside world do not know, we have been talking with Tencent. We also talked about the 360, but there are some differences in the development of independent Sogou problems. Finally we chose Tencent. We believe that in the past few years, Sogou has been able to develop so fast because it is the team entrepreneurship and its creative, so that it can make the Sohu owned as a subsidiary, but also ensure its ability of independent development. In order to independent development of Sogou, Tencent is a good partner. As the most successful China largest Internet Co, its resources are very rich, so bring a very substantial support on social networks and Tencent Tencent many user resources will Sogou Pinyin and Sogou search.

for Tencent, a Tencent in search almost waste in May last year, Tencent, an unprecedented scale adjustment of the architecture, the search business has been greatly affected by the Department, scatter, executives leave. Has been regarded as the biggest beneficiary of Google Chinese strategic adjustment of Tencent, and ultimately in the search business with broken halberds defeat. Tencent in the search for the battlefield experiment ended in failure. Google has this model in the front, no one doubts the ability of the search model. Tencent can not completely give up the search, so Sogou search is also a reasonable choice to continue the experiment. However, the proportion of total shares of Tencent, Sogou should be difficult to obtain resources and status before the search, the latter may be more successful but more problems.

before the dust settles, there is news that Baidu, 360 are in the bid, including 360 for the most active, but Baidu bid higher. Sogou has encountered a bottleneck in the development of Baidu, the two camps under the pressure of the market share is difficult to continue to grow, about half a year ago, has been sold for 360


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