Friends behind CCTV net CCTV too arrogant to listen to public opinion

    see "users build" anti CCTV "to find" CCTV news ", the parties had $100 thousand registered back www. CCTV.Net but no back door" event Shanghai netizen He Jian call the river network, said behind the China users built "CNN" network, and plans to enable idle hands to build the domain name, anti CCTV website, hope CCTV can put down a superior figure, listen to public opinion".

February 10th, the network reproduced Xinhua – Yangzi Evening News article on "netizens build" anti CCTV "to the CCTV report.". The report said that 08 years of the Olympic torch relay, due to the false reports of CNN caused by Chinese netizens self built anti CNN network. Some netizens broke a Chinese Internet users to imitate anti CNN network to establish a special collection of CCTV error content anti-CCTV network, the anti-CCTV network since its launch, has more than 150 thousand users browse.

for users to build "CCTV network" CCTV to find friends from Shanghai He Jian why support? It is understood that He Jian himself was the network event "in 2006 to $100 thousand to www. registered a CCTV.Net but no back door" in the party. He Jian was in an interview with this reporter said, CCTV www..Net first by Japanese registered, he bought the domain name to negotiations by e-mail. The earliest registered price is $20 thousand, but that China domestic registered "a central" for the condom brand after the elevation of the price, price of $100 thousand. He Jian eventually returned to the domain name for $100 thousand with the help of an American friend. Get the domain name, he had to call CCTV, to express the domain name free return of the idea of CCTV, but the other has not given him an answer.

He Jian said on the phone today, "the name of a thing, let him feel too arrogant, CCTV superior style. Now is the Internet 2 era, today’s society is not "one hall" of the world, CCTV should lay down their superior work style, listen to public opinion and voice users, in order to create better cctv."

He Jian said, "the Chinese network anti CCTV net" for CCTV find is a kind of supervision, but also on the CCTV love. CCTV should listen and see. "I support this action, but I hope there will be more Internet users and websites. Before I rush back www. CCTV.Net domain name has been idle, plans to build enabled, independent anti CCTV website, and hope that the future anti-CCTV nets and more have a common intention to achieve cooperation in the information on the website."


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