Baidu 2016Q1 earnings report Baidu Nuomi led O2O market structure changes

April 29th, Baidu announced the first quarter ended March 31, 2016 unaudited financial report. Data show that in the first quarter, Baidu’s revenue from online marketing was 14 billion 931 million yuan, an increase of 19.3%. In the focus of the force of the O2O local life service areas, by Baidu Nuomi, Baidu takeaway, Baidu wallet, etc. constitute the total electricity supplier transactions Baidu (GMV) grew by 268%.

rising GMV from local businesses to provide integrated solutions

in fact, before the earnings, there have been data show that Baidu’s O2O business, especially Baidu Nuomi’s strong momentum of growth. In enfodesk recently released "China Internet Life Services Market Research Report" shows that the main rival Baidu Nuomi new current big after the merger did not show the expected strong stronger strength, but the market share continued to decline. Baidu Nuomi’s fourth quarter of 2015, the share has risen to buy the share of the first half of the year, compared with an increase of an alarming rate of 22.7%, compared with the first half of the year, an increase of up to 67%. O2O players in the most important areas of food and beverage, Baidu Nuomi’s market share has been approaching 30%.

obviously, can make great progress in the trading platform catering service life the biggest revenue category, means that the original pattern of Baidu Nuomi in the past year is gradually collapse of the domestic O2O market, and gradually establish a new order of our own firm.

Baidu Nuomi can do it all, from the results mentioned in the search, Baidu maps, Baidu Nuomi’s products and services to the depth of integration, accelerate the flow, content and data sharing, the formation of integrated solutions for local businesses. Through the formation of a joint effort to join the three services, Baidu in front of businesses and users to build a sound trading platform, and will be a huge online service flow of local life efficient conversion to the next line store consumption.

this means that Baidu Nuomi can provide mobile phone Baidu, Baidu map, Baidu traffic entrance for businesses, but also to the digital marketing platform Chinese the biggest advantage of the integration of internal resources for businesses to provide more services. For example, Baidu Nuomi platform high fit partners to provide capital support, as well as through technical means for the platform settled merchants provide the whole process solutions business shop, through the technology of O2O for business empowerment.

O2O technology for business empowerment, to enhance the effectiveness of the platform

technical O2O for the logic behind the merchant can be seen from the top of the recent high-level foreign Baidu Nuomi position visible clues. Baidu Baidu Nuomi vice president, general manager Ceng Liang stressed the importance of O2O technology platform in electronic commerce and Chinese attended the April 19th O2O Leadership Summit, also reiterated Baidu Nuomi to build O2O environment and realize the win-win good wishes. He said that under the guidance of technology, Baidu Nuomi will be able to intelligent location, intelligent shop, intelligent operation and intelligent management to provide one-stop shop


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