Why did my web page rank lower in search results

      look at the title, think of a few years ago, there are a lot of site rankings have fallen, and even no!

      on the one hand and the site of the chain and content, the other two aspects and competitors about it, the other, look at

      my inflatable toy website, the location is off!

      also look at the answer to Google:

      why is my web page ranking in search results down?

      as you know, our search results change regularly with the update of the index. When you add a new site and update it to an existing web page, the search results will change. Some web pages will be ranked as a result of a particular keyword, while other web pages will fall.

      these changes are usually automatic. However, Google reserves the final decision of the website ranking: to improve, reduce or remain unchanged. Fair and accurate display of the content of the Internet is our clear purpose.

      occasionally, differences in data centers can cause ranking differences. When you perform a Google search, the query is sent to a Google data center to retrieve the search results. We have a lot of data centers, and a number of factors (such as location and search hits) determine which data center the query is sent to. Because our data center is not updated at the same time, processing your query data center is different, the resulting search results may be slightly different.

      we cannot guarantee that any web page in our search results ranking remains the same, even can not guarantee its always included in the search results, but our webmaster guidelines still provides some useful suggestions to help you maintain Google friendly website. Typically, web site administrators can increase the number of sites that are linked to their web sites to improve the site’s search results.


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